Which of these mattresses is the best?

So a little background…I’ve had this memory foam mattress (http://www.costco.com/Sleep-Science-10"-Queen-Memory-Foam-Mattress.product.100004101.html) for about 5 years & liked it alot…I like the firmness but also how it has enough give to keep us comfortable. We move quite a bit (sometimes out of state…sometimes out of the country) so I do not want to spend an exorbitant amount of money on a good bed since we don’t always take our furniture w/us. I’m 5’4" & about 120 lbs & my partner is 6’ & about 190 lbs so we’re not large people. We also don’t emit a lot of heat while we sleep so that’s not an issue (although he sometimes snores but that’s a different topic :slight_smile: . We just lost our mattress last night due to water damage so I need to get a replacement pretty soon and have come across a few Amazon listings that I think would be a good fit for us. Some of them list specific specs while others are a bit more vague & I haven’t been able to decipher what they are exactly despite further online research. I hope to be able to get to a showroom at some point, but I have very young children at home so am not always free to spend a few hours testing out mattresses.






Thanks in advance!

Hi lovingthebay,

The guidelines I use for a memory foam mattress are in post #10 here. Of course these are just for quality/value comparisons and have nothing to do with which mattress may be suitable for you so I would also make sure you are dealing with a merchant who has the experience and knowledge to help you make the most suitable choice … especially when you are dealing online where your recourse if you make a bad choice may not be good (in which case whatever you spend will have been wasted).

None of the LinenSpa meet the guidelines I use so I would exclude them.

The Sleep Innovations would depend on knowing the density of all the foam they use because some of these use memory foam that is lower quality than I would consider.

I also wouldn’t consider the Dynasty because they also don’t meet the guidelines and they have also listed the density of their foams incorrectly (see post #5 here) so there is no way to know for sure what they really contain.

Some of the The better sources for online memory foam mattresses I’m aware of are listed in post #12 here.


Thank you for your response. After more reading & research & going to the mattress store to test out some mattresses, I found that I really like the Tempur-Cloud Supreme. Is there a memory foam bed from the Ultimate Dreams line that is close to this bed? I did not like the Cloud Luxe since it was too mushy & after 10 mins of laying on it my back started hurting.

I’ve ready all the rave reviews regarding latex but I do not care for the springiness of it.

Since it’s really late where I am, I sent Brooklyn Bedding a message & will follow up w/them at a later date.

Beside Brooklyn Bedding (in case they don’t have anything comparable), can you recommend another supplier who can give me a mattress similar to the Cloud Supreme w/in $1000?

Thank you again.

Hi lovingthbay,

The 13" Ultimate dreams is a little firmer than the Cloud Luxe and probably a little softer than the Supreme. There have been several people say it’s “in between” although of course this is somewhat subjective.

Several of the manufacturers or retailers listed in the post I linked for online memory foam suppliers (post #15 here) are quite familiar with the Tempurpedic line and how their mattresses would compare to the various models in the lineup because it’s so widespread and easily available. In many cases … even if they don’t have specific comparisons on their site … I would call them to ask which model they make would best compare in their opinion to the Tempurpedic model you prefer. Some of them make some very direct comparisons as well and one of them not only matches the “feel” of each Tempurpedic mattress but is also very similar to the specific layering and foam densities (or better) as well.


Hi Phoenix,

Just wanted to give you a quick update on what we ended up with. We went out to see the guys at Foam Order in SF & they were fantastic. They were very patient w/us & answered all our questions & we spent a good 2 hrs there. We bought a king memory foam mattress, bed, nightstand & also a foam topper for my daughter’s crib. On top of being so fantastic to work with they also gave us 15% off on our mattress (which we thought was already a good price).

We’ve been sleeping in our bed for about a week & it’s heavenly. This whole experience, the pricing & our bed has exceeded our expectations…the only problem now is that we hate to go out of town & leave our bed! We spend quite a bit of time at the in-laws in Phoenix & are considering getting a foam mattress for the guest bed to replace the 30-yr old coil mattress that we have to sleep on for a week at a time when we’re there. You can feel all the springs digging into your back & shoulder & it’s very painful trying to sleep on that thing.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you & we’re so very happy to have found you & Foam Order.

Hi lovingthbay,

That’s good news and I’m happy that you ended up making such a great choice.

Thanks for the kind words and most of all … congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile: