White flag raised - my unconditional surrender

Hi LackOSleep,

You’re very welcome!

I agree with you that trying something out in person, especially with your specific situation, is very important.

As you’re probably already aware, the better options or possibilities I’m aware of that would likely be closest to you would either be in the Dallas/Ft Worth list in post #4 here or in the Abilene and San Angelo list in post #7 here. but the Dallas/Ft Worth list would have the widest choices and better quality/value options than the others. You also may wish to consider the Tulsa and Oklahoma City areas are listed in post #2 here.

I performed a quick search for mattress stores in Wichita Falls and a few possibilities stood out. Montgomery Mattress says that they are able to make latex mattresses. They may be worth a call. Also, you have a Denver Mattress in your area and they started to sell a few Dunlop latex mattresses, but I don’t know if your location offers those.

Here is an old list of retailers in Lawton, TX. You’ll have to check on the accuracy of that list.

If none of the local options work out, then I would personally make some phone calls to stores in the Dallas area and make the two-hour drive, if you are able. The short trip will be worth your time in the overall scheme of things.

Keep us updated on your progress.