Who has the best prices (Latex Mattress)

Who has the best online Latex Matress prices? Looking for 13" Matress adjustables. Thanks

Hi nathanbgilliam,

I focus more on “value” and on what I call each person’s “personal value equation” which involves more than just price alone and pricing can also vary over time as manufacturers change their lineup or offer different options but there is a list of online manufacturers that are members of this site that offer some of the best quality and value latex mattresses in the country in post #21 here. If price alone is your main consideration it would be a fairly simple matter to compare the mattresses that they have that use the same materials in similar thicknesses and with similar covers and quilting and choose the one that you believed was the best value based on any criteria that was important to you. I would also talk with each of them that interests you because in some cases everything they have available is not on their website.

In terms of raw materials and components (and in some cases complete mattresses as well) … post #4 here has some of the better options I’m aware of that may be of interest to those where price alone is the main consideration.

In many areas of the country there are also manufacturers that offer mattresses that compete very favorably with most online sources that would also be well worth considering. If you let me know the city or zip where you live I’d be happy to let you know about any I’m aware of in your area.

The adjustable bed thread here has more information about adjustable beds and some comparisons between some of the most popular models and some links to the pricing references that I use as well.