who makes sealy embody line

does anyone know what company makes the embody line for sealy? I want to make sure it is certipur.

Hi maverick3934,

Sealy makes the actual mattress but the base foam is made by Carpenter and the latex (what they call “smart latex” and is mostly a low cost synthetic latex) is made by Sapsa which Sealy used to own but sold a couple of years ago.

Carpenter is on the list of CertiPur certified foam manufacturers*.

ADMIN NOTE: *Removed 404 link|Archived Footprint: certipur.us/pages/for-industry/find-a-foam-supplier/ & replaced with latest CertiPUR list

Sapsa is not CertiPur certified but it is Oeko-Tex certified which is a higher testing standard for harmful substances and offgassing than CertiPur.