Why Arizona

Hi Phoenix,

Obviously several your member vendors are located in Arizona. SleepEZ, Brooklyn Bedding, Arizona Mattress. I’ve seen a few non-members are in AZ as well. That made me curious. Why so many?

Is it a distribution hub, low taxes or just a lot of latex lovers in AZ? :slight_smile:


Hi michaelbw,

There are non members listed in dozens of posts around the forum in almost every city in North America but there are more members of the site in Arizona than any other city.

Not only that … they are in Phoenix (or close by) which I’ve always thought was an even bigger coincidence.

I have no idea why this is and I’ve even asked them if there was anything about Arizona or Phoenix in particular that made it special in terms of mattress manufacturing (because I wondered about this as well) but they didn’t know either.

In reality though … you can see the distribution of mattress manufacturers by state in the 2007 Census list here and Arizona even close to the top of the list.