Why would a maker of latex sign an agreement with a chemical company?

I just read on the following website: http://www.hometextilestoday.com/article/561464-Latexco_signs_agreement_with_Springs_Creative_for_Devan_application.php about Latexco signing agreement with a chemical company. Does this mean that they are not a producer of organic natural latex? Are they adding chemicals to their latex or a chemical treatment? Can anyone explain?

Hi piquita,

You would have to ask them of course but it looks like they are planning to use this in a “temperature regulating” version of latex which probably uses some type of gel similar to some of the latex produced by Latex international and GommaGomma (as well as some that they currently make).

Latexco makes its own latex as well as distributes latex cores from other companies (such as Latex Green and Radium). This sounds like one product they plan to make available for those who like latex with temperature regulating materials added to it. Don’t forget that not everyone chooses latex because of its natural qualities and there are many people who prefer it because it is a high performance material regardless of whether it is natural, synthetic, or a blend.


A salesperson/owner told me last week that Serta was planning to add a gel to their latex mattresses.