wife and I looking for a Memory Foam mattress.....Can we get some help..?

Been reading alot here the past hour or so, and my wife and me wanted to post this to see what help we can get.

We have a mattress that is pretty old, and we are looking at getting a Memory Foam matt.

I used to work at a furniture store that sold smaller name brands from places like Park Place, and others. And we even used to have a Aloe Vera Memory foam mattress (http://www.mattresshero.com/products/Aloe_Therapy_Series-87-44.html) - when we found it again we contacted mattress hero, and of course the Aloe, Magnet one, and the Lavender one are discontinued, so we had to start looking elsewhere.

Mattress Hero called us back and offered us this one for 900: http://www.mattresshero.com/products/Couture_Series-24-30.html - Looks like they use 5.3 pound foam? Which would be good? Also they are based close to us (greenville, sc)

We have also been looking around. I did read here that 3lb memory foam isnt worth really looking into. So I am hoping I can find a good deal someplace for a mattress…

BTW my wife loves Tempurpedics but thank God she doesnt want to cash out the money for them:)

Also we have been looking at the Gel Foam, Ebay has a Serta with Gel memory foam that my wife has her eyes one, but I dont know or remember what the pound was for the foam…

Also been told about a TempaGel Foam mattress ( I believe Restonic??? But dont know the price of them yet)

My wife also found this one, but I cant find any info about it… Latex Mattresses On Sale - Latex Mattress Toppers - Phoenix, AZ

I am also looking at these places:
this site I am also looking at:


But still could use some help:o)

Also I saw someone named Phx mentioning local people? I know close to us we have Charleston Bedding, but I dont know of any others? Pheonix would you help me with that? And what exactly it is? BTW we live basically close to Savannah, GA, Augusta GA, Aiken SC, Columbia, SC and Charleston SC… ANy place near these would be great…

Also any other recommendations? Or any input on the Mattress Hero offer form above? I believe the 900 was for the Mattress only…

Also forgot to add… My wife is 130 lbs, and I am 150 pounds… I sleep on my side 90% of the time, and rarely on my back and stomach and she is a side/back sleeper…

My wife loves the Icomforts that we tested out and is kind of stuck on the Gel Foam for the bed…

Also we are trying to keep it under $1000 for the Mattress only please:)

I also like the M7 from sleepnumber (wont pay that much though) and I love a waterbed type feel also… I was told a latex foam mattress might give this type of feel? But Latex is expensive I belive, and my wife is allergic to latex (the gloves and condoms type…Is this the same Latex as used in the beds???)

Hi Koontzy,

There are not a lot of factory direct outlets right in your general area but there are some a little further away. Post #2 here has a list centered on Savannah and includes a list for Charleston, SC and Columbia, SC. post 2 here has a list centered on Greenville. I didn’t originally include Mattress Hero which is owned by Park Place in the list because I thought they were only online but I just added them as it seems from your comments that they may have a local outlet?

I believe it is always better to test a mattress in person whenever possible as personal experience is always more accurate than “theory at a distance” and you have some very good choices in the large area you gave me.

The Couture mattress uses good quality memory foam and the price seems to be very good (depending on the size your price referred to). They don’t give the specs of the support layers but preserve is a CertiPur approved foam made by Hickory Springs and is also good quality. Of course if the layers are not correct for your needs and preferences then no matter how good the materials the mattress wouldn’t be suitable so taking your time (fully relaxed and at least 15 minutes) to test specifically for pressure relief and alignment is important. I would avoid making any choices based on the “overall feel” of a mattress. Always test for pressure points and for any tension in your back caused by poor alignment.

Both of you are lighter weight and primarily side sleepers which means that a comfort layer “in the range” of 3-4" would likely work well. It seems that you are locked in to memory foam but if you’re not it would also be well worth testing latex in your comfort layers or even other materials as well (latex over polyfoam or an innerspring can make a great mattress). Thinner comfort layers are preferable to thicker with memory foam especially (as long as it is thick enough to relieve pressure on your side) as it is the least supportive of all foams and a layer that is too thick for your needs can lead to poor alignment.

I would never consider a Sleep Number mattress and this article explains why I believe they are such a poor choice.

I would also not consider a 3 lb memory foam as they are not durable no matter how good they may feel in a showroom.

Tempurpedics are a good quality memory foam mattress but I (like your wife it seems) don’t believe they are good value. There are many high quality memory foams mattresses with better value IMO.

The most important first step in buying a mattress is to find one or a few outlets that have great value, a selection of choices using different materials, and that also knows how to fit you to a mattress. The more they know and are willing to guide you with their knowledge the less you have to know. The better outlets generally have no sales or at least only rarely and not for huge discounts.

The best choices are usually local factory direct outlets or smaller sleep shops that carry local brands. This is where you usually find the lowest profit margins, no fake sales, and the type of people who really do care about your long term satisfaction with their product. They will also tell you what is in each layer of a mattress, the quality of the layer, and why it is there. I would do some initial research on the phone and talk with them about what you are looking for and find out what they carry that would be suitable in your price range. I would then visit the ones that seemed most promising and helpful to test mattresses in person. With a knowledgeable person to guide you as you lie on mattresses, mattress shopping can be more enjoyable than frustrating.

I also wouldn’t get too caught up with all the “names” that are used for similar materials. Each manufacturer has their own name for memory foam and now each also has their own name for gel infused memory foams which are becoming quite popular mostly because of Serta’s advertising and promotion. I wouldn’t consider the iComfort to be a good value option (in the same way that the major brands are usually poor value) as the type of gel foam they use contains particles of gel which I believe will reduce the durability of the foam. The best gel memory foams actually have the gel as part of the foam itself rather than as added thin surface layers, inserts into holes in the memory foam, or particles in the foam. Is there a reason you are attracted to the Restonic TempaGel in particular? The licensees that manufacture Restonic have the choice of what they use in their mattress and Restonic is different in different areas of the country but at least in some areas of the country I know they are using the"swirl" gel meaning that it doesn’t have particles and would be a better “gel” choice.

So you have some great choices of outlets in your area and with a little bit of research on the phone and a few visits to the ones that impress you the most you should be able to find a great quality and value mattress within your budget.


Thanks for the replies! We will look into those places…

The main reason we didnt look at Latex is because my wife is allergic to Latex gloves and Latex condoms and things like that, so we thought that it may be the same Latex as used? My wife breaks out in hives when around Latex and gets bad rashes.

We are attracted to the Tempagel because when we tested out the bigger name companies, we fell in love with the Icomfort…But after reading here we want to get the same feeling…

The revoludion is the model we both liked after laying on them for 10-15 mins…But I just dont wanna cash out 1700 for a mattress…


I hope you read this soon…

I know you mentioned you liked Park Place? I believe… I just found out they make both the Beds that me and my wife are looking at…
And I just found out that Park Place also has a Gel Memory Foam Mattress now, Heres the link:
http://www.parkplacecorp.com/pkp_imattress.html Have you read about it or seen anything about it? I dont know if they make it still or what is going on with it, because I cannot find any info on it…

It isnt listed in their collection page, but is on their main page… Will be calling them monday to see if they still sell it or not.

Hi Kootzy,

IMO, Park Place is a well established manufacturer which has better value than many larger manufacturers but having said that they are often not in the same value range as other smaller manufacturers. Of course like most manufacturers this will vary depending on the specific mattress and a particular price rather than the lineup as a whole. One of the things I didn’t like about them is their use of polyfoam on top of better materials like latex or even in many cases memory foam and I strongly suggest that anyone who is considering a mattress from them find out exactly what is in every layer of the mattress. They do have a company owned factory direct outlet that sells online called Mattress Hero.

They are also a licensee for Comfort Solutions which makes the iMattress. Their gel foam seems to have particles of gel in it rather than having the gel infused into the polymer matrix of the memory foam itself. This is similar to the iComfort and others. Post #26 here talks about the different approaches to using gel in memory foam that are being used and which I believe are better. Of course “gel memory foam” itself is only a few years old and is not validated in long term use so they are a more “risky” material in that sense. The promotion of the benefits of some of the gel foams are also overblown in many cases IMO but in this industry when a company has a successful marketing campaign that promotes a so called “new material” and does well with it … everyone else wants their own “better” version regardless of the actual benefits. There are some excellent memory foams (and memory foams themselves are also an improving technology) which may be getting overlooked in the advertising blitz of gel foams not to mention other materials that also have their own advantages. They are an evolving category and while they have their own specific qualities and benefits … they are as much about marketing as they are performance in many cases.


thanks Pheonix I will definatly go check out as many as I can before we buy.