Will a latex topper help minimize motion transfer?

Hello! Unfortunately I have had the worst luck picking out mattress for me and my husband, I think we are on #5. Thanks to this site, I am pretty much sold on latex and am strongly considering the Natural mattress sold by the Latex Matress Factory. In the meantime our 4 year old Simmons Beautyrest has lost its support so we moved the guest room king double sided backsaver into our bedroom. Honestly. I like the support and it has just enough cushion that it doesn’t feel like sleeping on the floor. Problem is it is way too bouncy and any move Mike makes I feel it. Would a latex topper help with the motion transfer on this bouncy bed or would it be just a waste of money until we can afford the mattress I think will be a good fit for us? Also, based on the very well written article about the break down of natural latex over time, is it ok to put a heated mattress pad or blanket on a latex mattress or would doing so increase the speed in the breakdown of the latex?

Hello Xntric26 and thanks for reaching out! Latex contours to whatever it’s resting on, so if the core of the mattress is too bouncy or has to much motion transfer, those characteristics will be transferred to the top latex layer. The latex layer will reduce or dampen the motion transfer that you’re getting from the core of the mattress, but it won’t eliminate the problem, and I wouldn’t be able to say in advance if a latex topper will make enough of a difference that you find it to be a suitable solution. Please also keep in mind that any latex topper you add to the mattress will change the feel of the mattress to a noticeable degree (normally it will make I softer). Nonetheless, if you’re going to try a latex topper to reduce motion transfer, I would definitely recommend Dunlop latex because it is less bouncy and less springy than Talalay. Please keep in mind that, if you get a Dunlop topper from us and find that it didn’t reduce the motion transfer as much as you’d like, you can always use that layer to complete a DIY all-latex mattress in the future (or you can return it to us minus a $45 return fee, of course). We don’t normally recommend using a heating pad directly on latex because it will break down much sooner than normal. Most of our customers that use a heating pad have a layer of wool (like our cotton & wool cover) between the pad and the latex which helps protect the structural integrity of the foam.