with new latex matress lower back still hurts

Bought a totally organic latex matress 6 inch 32-33 med dunlop base, and a 3 inch 19 topper of talalay. It feels comfortable but both my wife and I still have lower back pain. Just came back from mexico and our backs felt good on there bed then came back to same problem. Should I add more topper or do something else. Called place where I purchased and they suggested to take off bamboo cover and lay on matress just with sheet. We did but still had lower back discomfort. Any suggestions would be helpful. We are both back sleepers to start then usually switch to our sides during night. Thank you

Maybe you are sinking in too much which is putting your backs in a bad alignment? 19ILD is pretty soft so maybe you need a bit more support. I have the same issue with my current memory foam mattress where I went too soft so I put a slightly firmer latex topper on top of it and that seemed to resolve my issues for the past few years.

Your current mattress has a decent amount of ultra plush/plush latex on top, and it could be an issue of it being a bit too soft combined with your current support core. You don’t mention how long you’ve had this product, if it is a component system and how the bed you tried on vacation compares to your current mattress.

If the mattress you tried in Mexico was harder feeling than your current mattress at home, I’d initially lean toward the thought that your current mattress is a bit too soft for your personal preference. If your current mattress is a component system, see about changing out the upper layer for latex that is a bit less plush. If you desired more deep down support, you could go to a firmer core as well. If your mattress is laminated together, you could experiment and flip the product over and sleep upon the base layer and see if that feels better.

A too soft mattress, even with premium latex, can cause alignment issues in all sleep positions (you didn’t mention your preferred sleep posture). I don’t think that adding anything else on top is going to alleviate your problem, as that would make the mattress softer overall. And I can’t see that removing the bamboo cover would make much of a difference, unless it was quilted to some poly.

I hope these ideas are helpful.

Good luck!

I am going through the same thing right now. Every night my back gets worse. I tried putting my 28 ILD 6" core on top and 19 ILD on bottom. It was better for a couple days, but think the core softened too much over the next week.
I am trying to exchange my core out for a firmer one today. Not sure if I should go Med or Firm, but will probably try to go in increments and step up to medium.
I like the comfort of it at the current softness, but wake up w/ back pain.
I’ll let you know how my adjustments go.

Hi briang,

There really isn’t much I can add to MattressToGo’s comments and suggestions and the comments from the other members that have replied to you.

There is also more about the most common symptoms that people may experience on a mattress and the most likely reasons for them in post #2 here that may be helpful as well.

While I don’t have any specific reference points about your body type or mattresses that you have slept well on and how they compare to your mattress … the most common (although not the only) reason for lower back issues are comfort layers that are too thick/soft and/or a support core that is too soft.

If your mattress is too soft there are also some suggestions in post #4 here that may be helpful as well.


I now have the 32 ILD core, w/ the 19 ILD topper and it has been much better. I love it now, but my wife doesn’t so I am going to try the 32 ILD core on top.