Wood foundation

Is the Ez fit box spring foundation by Box spring king sold on amazon the same item as Versiflex by coverest sold on Mattress.net the same product? If not, which one is better?

Hi orderskaren,

There are a lot of different names that are really the same product made by Box Spring King and a few others. Coverrest (which is out of business) was not the original manufacturer and just distributed them.

Both are 8" in width so it’s likely they are from the same manufacturer but I don’t know for sure. There are also 9" versions which may be from a different manufacturer. There are so many different people that distribute these with different names from the same source that it’s really only possible to know the original source by talking with each outlet … if they tell you. If an outlet or manufacturer can tell you the spacing and is someone that you trust will give you good information … then it would be fine.

There are also some other foundation sources in the foundation thread here.

So if you are dealing with a reputable outlet … and they have no more than 3" of space between the gaps … and they tell you that it would be suitable for the type of mattress you have … they would be fine.