wool and cotton toppers and pads are marked up by 5,000%

ok i just googled the prices for wool and cotton.

in US the prices are:

wool - $ 1.7 per pound
cotton- $ 0.9 per pound

so a topper with 8 pounds of wool uses about 6 dollars of wool … and costs $350

a mattress pad with 4 pounds of cotton uses 4 dollars of cotton … and costs $200

so they mark it up by a factor of 50X or 5,000% in both cases.


i was wondering how my grandma was able to buy wool mattress pads in Ukraine for $30 well now i see that $30 is what they are supposed to cost ! ! !

Hi g1981c,

There are lots of people who make their own if they have the time to spend and the expertise and equipment to do it right.


Come on! The market price of a product is never determined by the cost of the raw materials. These products may be “over-priced” in your estimation, but they are not marked up 5,000%. What do you think the raw material cost is for all of the bottles of water that are sold for $1? Talk about overpriced! You can get a whole gallon of purified or distilled water for $1. However, there are still costs of doing business in the beverage business. Bottling plants, plastic bottles, warehouses, shipping and distribution, labor costs, marketing, and all of the mark-ups along the way.