Wool mattress topper over fitted sheet

I finally purchased a Naturepedic EOS pillow top mattress. I like a firm mattress but need it to allow quite a bit of contouring for my wide hips. I wound up with a firm base layer and 2 layers of their medium microcoils. While trying the mattress in the store, the salesperson put a 2" wool mattress topper on top of it for me to try. It finally gave the mattress the cozy feel I was missing with the mattress alone.

At home, I initially placed the wool topper under the mattress protector and fitted sheet but it loses a lot of it’s cozy feel that way. I’m trying to figure out a good way to protect it and get it to stay in place if I try putting it on top of the fitted sheet. I am thinking about getting a duvet cover to put over it and then place that on top of the fitted sheet and sleep directly on the topper/duvet cover. I’m not sure how well it will stay in place that way, but I can’t think of other options that will allow it to provide that cozy feel.

Has anyone else tried this? Do you have any other suggestions?

Hi 70’s girl,

Congratulations on the new mattress! There is nothing like sleeping on wool for a cozy feeling, and I can see why you might want to preserve it. Also, you are smart for wanting to protect the topper.

It is true that usually you would put the topper under the mattress protector and then the fitted sheet. Certainly you could put the topper in a duvet cover, although getting the right size might be a little tricky as those covers are made to fit comforters, not toppers. You may have to stitch the duvet cover together on one end to make the correct size of cover.

I wonder if it would work to put the mattress protector on the bottom, then the topper, then the fitted sheet. Another thought is to try a stretchy mattress cover and stretchy sheet that would allow for more contouring. Or a wool mattress cover? Ultimately, you know what is comfortable for you.

Good luck - I hope you find a solution that works for you.