Wool mattress topper/pad creating problems - any ideas?

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We bought a wool mattress topper (approximately 1 - 1.5" with jersey knit covering). I thought I liked it. I am really cold in our PLB mattress (I’m used to memory foam/poly) so the warmth felt good (we are in Maine, so the weather doesn’t help). However, I started getting weakness in my legs, like a twinging nerve, and it was worse when I was in bed. The only variable change was the wool pad. I took it off and no more weakness/twinging. Why did the wool pad mess up the support from the toppers below it? Is there a way to compensate for the wool? Would putting the softest talalay under it allow for more sinking in? Here is our current set up:

[Wool pad - removed]
2" dunlop medium
Nature PLB


Hi Bazinga,

There really isn’t any way to “diagnose” why this may be happening in specific terms because I can’t feel what you feel but it’s possible that the wool layer was interfering to some degree with the ability of the softer latex underneath it to contour to the shape of your body and was either creating some pressure points or changing how much you are sinking in and changing your alignment on the mattress. There is more about wool toppers in post #8 here.

“In theory” a softer latex topper under the wool will allow you to sink in more deeply than a firmer layer under the same wool topper yes but these types of questions are too complex to be able to answer how this will specifically affect you in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and personal preferences) or any “symptoms” you may experience and your own experience is really the only way to know how any topper or combination of materials will work for you in your “real life” based on your actual sleeping experience.