Wool topper similar to Hastens?

Hi Phoenix, I am awaiting my Berkeley Ergonomics latex-over-coil mattress and excited to try it. In the meantime I’ve become fascinated by all things Hastens, especially their cotton/wool/horsehair “top mattresses”, which I believe some people use over non-Hastens mattresses.

I was looking at your page about wool toppers and wondering if you happen to know if any of them would function similarly to a Hastens one? Obviously, I may not need a topper, but the idea of one appeals to me, just in the sense of making my bed more luxurious, really.

Thanks for any thoughts!

Hi caribou,

These types of comparisons can be difficult because while there are many different specs that you can use to make some generic comparisons between wool toppers such as the amount of wool in the topper (in oz/yd2 or gm/m2), different types of wool breeds or combinations of breeds that are finer or courser and more or less resilient, different densities of wool, differences in the process of cleaning, scouring, and carding the wool, different layering arrangements of the wool bats inside the topper, different ways of tufting the wool topper, and different fabrics used in the cover … they may not be easily translatable into how a particular wool topper will feel to any particular person or on a specific mattress.

There are some comments about wool toppers in post #8 here but your best source of guidance about any particular wool topper would be a more detailed phone call to the manufacturer or a knowledgeable retailer who sells them who will be in a better position to help you compare the specifics of their topper with other wool toppers that they are familiar with.


Thank you, Phoenix. I will do that! :slight_smile: