Wool: Yay or Nay


I am looking into buying a 100% organic latex mattress but I am confused about the cover. I can purchase the mattress with an organic cotton cover. The retailer says the wool is not required because the latex passes the burn test. He would add the wool if I wanted it at no extra cost because he says the wool is in fact much less expensive than the organic cotton. Does wool really regulate temperature? Should I go with a cotton-wool cover or simply a cotton cover? Thank you

Hi aidanfaz.

Both cotton and wool are very nice and high quality but they will provide a different feel and which is better for each person would really boil down to a matter of individual preferences.

Wool is much more breathable than foam (which is an insulator) and the wool quilted cover would add a layer of more breathable fibers closer to your body. It is also thicker so it will slightly reduce the compression of the latex compared to a thinner more stretchy cover which is more “giving” and would have slightly less effect on the feel of the latex.

Wool has the inherent trait of warming you when you are cool and cooling you when you are warm, so yes - it is effective in temperature regulation!