Working Fire Furniture - The Fire Chief hybrid mattress

I stumbled across a site that appears to cater to fire fighters called working fire furniture. They have some interesting mattresses. Both all foam and a hybrid.
The Fire Chief model specs are pasted from them


This is our top-of-the-line mattress, featuring a unique “hybrid” foam + spring technology.

A 2" layer of Talalay Latex foam and 1" of Memory Foam above the innerspring system provides a “luxury firm” level of comfort and support.

Here’s the build:

Stretch Knit Fabric Cover with 1" HD Quilt Foam (1.8#)
2" Talalay Latex foam (32 ILD, Oeko-Tex® certified)
1" Memory Foam (4# density)
8" Fabric-Encased Innerspring System with Enhanced Edge Support and a Center Support Zone that provide added support to hips, back and shoulders
1" Base Foam (1.8# density)
Coil counts - Twin 760, Twin XL 772, Full 1034, Queen 1030, King 1414, Cal King 1388
The foams used in our mattresses are certified through CertiPUR-US®.

They have another model with a foam base and similar upper layers.
Stretch Knit Fabric Cover with 1” HD Quilt Foam (1.8# density)
2" Talalay Latex Foam (32 ILD, Oeko-Tex® certified)
2” Memory Foam (4# density)
6” HD Base Foam (1.8# density)

I found it interesting that they give a lot of specs yet appear to be far cheaper than similar online mattresses. Their FAQ is very detailed. They offer free shipping, but do not appear to offer a so many days money back warranty if you do not find it comfortable, merely a limited warranty.

Hi Clutchless,

So Clutchless, how is it that you’re always “stumbling across” mattress sites? :wink: I think you spend as much time at this as I do!

This company looks to have been established by Brandon Dunn, who has been in and out of the bedding industry since 2005. He worked with some mattresses targeted toward fire departments when he was with Comfort Solutions (King Koil) previously, and being a Fire Captain himself, that’s probably the genesis of this line of products geared toward fire departments. I believe the mattresses are made at Park Place in South Carolina, but they are not specific on the web site where the materials are from, only that they are “crafted with pride in the Southeastern US”.

The Sturdy Bed 10” uses a 6” 1.8 lb polyfoam core, on top of which is a 2.25” convoluted piece of 1.5 lb polyfoam. Above this is 1” of 4 lb memory foam and then 1” of 1.8 lb polyfoam in the quilt. This certainly wouldn’t be a bad bed for the price range ($450 in a queen), with caution for the 1.5 lb polyfoam and the 4 lb memory foam layers. The Captain 11” uses the same 6” 1.8 lb polyfoam core, above which is 2” of the 4 lb memory foam, 3” of 32 ILD Talalay latex and then 1” of the 1.8 ln polyfoam quilted to the covering. This mattress would provide more durable materials than the Sturdy Bed, and would also be a good value for the componentry used, with a slight caution for those above 200 pounds or so with the 1.8 lb polyfoam core and the 4 lb memory foam layer. There are also two pocketed spring mattresses, loosely based upon their all-foam counterparts.

They seem to be more targeted to fire departments, as opposed to being an all-out simplified choice type of product. But from a few reviews it does seem that they will ship to consumers as well as fire departments.

Thanks for brining them to the attention of the Mattress Forum!