Would a latx topper on a innerspring mattress work?

My inner spring mattress in old and no longer as comfortable as it could be. I was wondering would one of your latex toppers work on top on an innerspring mattress, or is that not recommended?

I’m currently trying the Casper original. It appears the comfort layer isn’t firm or large enough, because I feel like I’m sinking in and feel pressure in the lower back. Which one of your mattress would be better if the latex topper isn’t recommended?

Hi Robin and thanks for the inquiry! If you’re trying to making a mattress softer then a topper would be ideal! So it may work on your innerspring if you’re looking to make that softer. For the Casper mattress, normally neither a firm nor extra firm topper will help beyond a negligible degree, even if you purchased a 3" extra firm Dunlop topper. Support has to come from the mattress, not from the topper. Also, latex will conform to whatever surface it is on, so if your mattress is soft or sagging the topper will take on the characteristics of your mattress. Lastly, having a top layer that is not encased with the rest of the mattress will allow that top layer enough spatial freedom to move upwards when you lay on it, making for a plush and enveloping feel, even if it’s extra firm layer. About half of the customers that purchase a firm topper to make the mattress firmer end up returning it, that’s the only reason I mention these things. If you want to try it though, an extra firm 3" Dunlop topper has the best chance of working for you. If you get a 3" extra firm topper and find that it doesn’t work for you, just keep in mind that you can use it to build an all-latex mattress by integrating into that mattress as one of the comfort or support layers, depending on what firmness and type of latex you choose for the topper.

I’d be make a recommendation for a mattress, I would just need to ask a few questions: if you don’t mind me asking, about how tall are you, about how much do you weigh, and do you normally sleep on your side, stomach, or back?

I’m 6 feet 180 lbs. I tend to turn all around, but mostly side, and back sleeper

OK great, thanks for the extra info! Based on the information you’ve provided, I would absolutely recommend soft Talalay over medium Dunlop over firm Dunlop. Please keep in mind that our initial recommendations have a 90% success rate, so there’s a 90% chance that the above recommendation works perfectly for you. The top 3" of Talalay will ensure you get all the contour and pressure relief needed to avoid any hip or shoulder pain, and the remaining Dunlop layers will help ensure you get all the support needed to maintain proper spinal alignment and avoid back pain. If you start on that setup and it’s too soft or you’re getting back pain, you would just unzip the cover and move the firm layer to the middle to increase the firmness and increase the back support. If you try soft/medium/firm and it’s too firm or you’re getting any hip or shoulder pain, just call us and we’ll send you a layer exchange for just $30 as long as it’s done within the first 90 days of having the mattress.

Thanks. Looking at you site. If I i want the Talalay over medium Dunlop over firm Dunlop. It looks like I have to go with the organic matress? you don’t seem to have talaya as a option with the natural mattress?

Do you have any storefront? Where I can lay down and try the mattress?

You don’te believe they hybrid would provide enough support/comfort? Thanks

Thanks. It will require foundation correct, so slats no more then 3" apart, or a flat base?