Wright Mattress

I’m considering the Wright hybrid mattress.
Top Layer 1.5 in 4lb density, 10ILD gel infused memory foam
2nd Layer 2in, 3 lb density, 18ILD polymer reinforced ZeroG foam
3rd layer 1.5 in, 5lb density, 20 ILD, polymer reinforced ZeroG foam
Base 1188 Coils, 15GA 6 turns, Perimeter Quantum coils 16GA 10 turns. Triple heat tempered and air cooled.

Free shipping and installation along with 120 day free trial. They will pick up the mattress during the trial period for free if you are not satisfied. Only downside seems to be price. On sale its $2,475, mattress only…

I’m 6’1, 205lbs side sleeper. Wife is petite, 5’2, 102 lbs, back sleeper.

There is not much online about this company. Its fairly new. Appears they sub out construction of their mattresses and use all US materials.

I’d love to hear comments, pro’s and con’s etc.

Hi daveT1.

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In terms of our Durability Guidelines this mattress seems to meet the minimum requirements/recommendations we’d suggest.

Do you happen to have similar comfort preferences when on a mattress? Your support needs are going to vary simply due to size differentials and sleeping position. Does your wife have a preference for mattress feel?

I’d also love to hear anyone’s experience with this brand! I did a keyword search on the forum and nothing came up here.


My wife shares my preference for soft comfort layers and firm support layers. Wright sells two mattresses. Their first was an all foam and their second and more recent is a hybrid. Perhaps the price is the reason there is not alot of information out there. Regular price is $3,095 for the king size hybrid.

The origin story of private equity bro working for McKinsey studying the business side of the mattress industry and seeing an opportunity in a certain price range is… something. I would rather buy a mattress from someone inspired by building a better mattress than someone inspired by filling a price gap in his spreadsheet. Maybe it’s just me.

Nikki, If you search Wright Bedding you will get 8 or so threads but not much there.

Thanks for the additional context. It’s awesome when two people ultimately share the same support/comfort preferences.

How’d you land on Wright? Was it something you are able to locate locally and test?

To chalupabatman’s point, I think there are likely equally durable and comfortable mattresses out there for comparable or cheaper prices.


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Thanks Nikki. I came across Wright Bedding via their advertisement on Facebook. There is no way to see or test their products locally as they have only two showrooms-one in New York City and a private one in LA. Some hotels have their beds but most are in the northeast. I agree with you regarding chalupabatmans post. The other mattress I’m looking at is from Fox Mattress. Its a two sided mattress. 2in foam, 2lb pillowtop, 1in foam over box spring , 6in springs. $1,800 total.

To add to my post, I’m not saying it is a bad product. I’m sure they use a reputable contract manufacturer and seem to use quality materials (though not fully transparent on that). I just like to buy from people that make the product, not just market it.

Not sure what you mean by “people that make the product”. Wright does not have its own factories as far as I know.