Wyoming king latex DIY mattress

Hi there,

I can’t seem to find any vendors selling DIY latex mattresses in Wyoming king size.

Is there any particular vendor that specializes in Wyoming king size? I need a foundation, core, and a few comfort layers.

I know I need to look into this myself some, but can anyone give a recommendation for side sleepers that are currently suffering from sinking memory foam.

I already reached out to Arizona premium and they don’t have time to help me out, so I thought I’d reach out here.


Hi Soenneker.

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A Wyoming King is indeed a difficult find and, if I’m not mistaken, considered a specialty mattress.

While I’m not particularly familiar with this company, you can have a custom Wyoming King made here.

I can also arm you with the information you need to know whether or not the manufacturer you’re considering is a quality manufacturer and can point you in the direction of this resource that can help you decide an appropriate comfort layer depth.

Memory foam, as it heats up under our body heat at night, collapses on itself hence the sinking “stuck in the mud” feeling many people tend to experience. You may wish to consider latex as a comfort layer if you want similar properties to memory foam without the sinkage.


Thanks for the info, yes I’ve been absorbing as much info from your site as possible.

It’s mind-blowing to me that out of 5 retailers or manufacturers, only 1 actually even knew what a Wyoming King sized bed actually was (84" x 84"). I’m going to sadly choose a latex topper for our memory foam california king. I’ll continue my search and update this post if I find anything…

I’m no expert on oversize or custom mattresses but from what I’ve seen Alaskan, Wyoming and even Cali King latex layers are very hard to find. You might want to give these guys a call to see what they say (see link below) since it appears they do have latex in their oversize mattresses. Let us know how you make out.

I know it’s been over a year since you posted, but I’m looking for a wider king myself. I’m looking for innerspring, but this company keeps coming up in my searches and they have a lot of flexibility in customizing foam mattresses in unusual sizes. If you’re still looking, it might work for you: https://www.vonviva.com/

Thanks for sharing, Nii. This is definitely one of those beds that is hard to find and can use every resource possible for the thread :smiley: so that people looking have a one-stop resource available to help them in their journey.


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