Zedbed bought Natura's world mattress but they change some materials.

Dear Phoenix ! First of all I want to thank you so much for your enormous work on this web site. It is a gold mine of informations about mattress and the industry. Please excuse my English ( I’m a French Canadian). After reading your site ( ouf ! it is huge, but worth reading for sur) I decided to go all the way dunlop latex. But I lived in Vald’or, witch is a 7 hours drive north of Montreal. So I went to Matelas de rêve ( it is a 1 hour drive and the only place around who carry latex mattress) to try the Natura World mattresses and when I got in the store I found out they (Zedbed) have change the configuration of the mattress with adding some soya mousse on the top layer. ( at least the Blossom Ferm 2016) Back home I called zedbed ( after I read there web site ( so confusing without transparency) for more informations and the lady ( who was very nice) couldn’t answer my questions. From the beginning I was interested to buy from FMC but afraid to buy on line (without days trial). That was a good idea to tried some latex mattress in a store. If I may suggest to everybody, to try the latex mattress near by store and you will have a good idea what latex feel like ( very much springing that I thought and much more comfy) but it is just my humble and personal point off view. And you’ll be more comfortable to buy online witch for my experience its less expensive. And now I’m pretty sure what kind of mattress ( a bit stressful !) I will received from FMC witch I just order one (Presto) King from them. Mario, the owner was very helpful and full transparent with all my questions. They now have a special with free shipping in Québec, two latex pillows and no taxes !!! I will let you know about my purchase in about 2 weeks when I received it. Again thank you SO much, dear Phoenix and all the people who share, for all the wonderfull work you had done on this website, it vanish away so much confusion about mattress. Keep up the good work my friend, you do help a lot of people. Blessing and best regards ! Mimibel from Val d’or, ( Abitibi) Québec.

Hi mimbel,

Welcome to the Mattress Forum! :slight_smile:

And no worries about your English – it is better than my French!

I can’t speak too much about the ZedBed, because as you already found out, they do not provide much meaningful information on their web site, and if you’re not able to gather that information from the manufacturer (as you were not able to do with your phone call), that would make this a somewhat risky purchase and in my opinion I would avoid buying any item where you weren’t able to find out more complete information about what was on the inside. I believe you came to the same conclusion.

And congratulations on your new Memory Foam Comfort Presto mattress order! :cheer: You did chose something that uses good quality materials, and as you’re already aware Memory Foam Comfort is a site member here, which means that I think highly of them. Your mattress uses all natural Dunlop that is GOLS certified, and as it is configurable you should be able to find a comfort that works well for you.

I’ll be interested in your updates once you’ve received your mattress and have had a chance to sleep upon it for a while.