Zedbed or Natura


We are in Québec and we are looking (obviously) to buy a mattress.

We currently have a Natura memory foam (latex+mem foam + wool) mattress that is 5 year’s old. We just finished a guest bedroom and one of our option is to buy a new matress for us and put the natura in the new guest room.

I really like my Natura Memory Foam but my wife would like something a little plusher we are also a little concerned about the chemicals in the memory foam. We almost got deceived by the Essentia Hype and thanks to you we now know better.

We tried the Zedbed and we liked it enough. I was wondering if their memory foam is of good quality and more importantly it is one of “greener” ones. I have read somewhere here that the European Memory foam was better because of use of TDI instead of MDI? Also how safe is the gel that mix in for heat control?

Another option is the go the organic route with Natura, how would a Latex + Wool mattress compare to our current memory foam + wool mattress?

Thanks a lot for the help

I just found out that magniflex are available in QC, so can I add this the comparison list?


Hi Vyed,

There are many different types of gel materials that are used either by themselves as a “pure gel” layer or mixed in with other foams. You can read more about the different types of gel materials in post #2 here and more about the gel itself in post #4 here.

It’s actually the other way around. European manufacturers use more MDI than here and in North America TDI is more common. I personally wouldn’t think in terms of any memory foam being “green” which is a completely different issue from “safe”. There’s much more about this sometimes very confusing subject in post #2 here and the other posts and information it links to.

In order to know the quality of any mattress or any of the materials in it you would need to know either the type and blend of any latex or the density of any memory foam or polyfoam layers in the mattress. If the memory foam is 5 lbs or better then it is generally considered to be higher density and quality (more durable), in the 4 lb range is medium density/quality, and less than this in the 3 lb range or below would be low quality. Each different type and density of memory foam has different properties and in some cases and with some designs it can be a preference to use slightly lower or even higher density memory foam to achieve the “feel” and performance that someone is looking for. There’s more about the different types and properties of memory foam in post #9 here.

The same would hold true for the Magniflex because without specific information about all the layersof a mattress there is no way to make meaningful quality and value comparisons and you would be limited to testing mattresses based on how they feel and perform with no way to know about its quality or relative value or make meaningful comparisons with other mattresses. There would also be no way to identify any weak links in a mattress or how long its feel and performance may last.

You can see an example of this type of comparison with a particular Zedbed mattress in post #3 here. You may also find this thread about Zedbed to be helpful as well.

What all of this boils down to is that only you can decide which mattress best matches your needs and preferences in terms of PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, ad Personal preferences) but to make meaningful quality and value comparisons between mattresses which is just as important you (and I) would need to know the specific details of all the layers in the mattresses you are comparing. This is the job of the retailer or manufacturer you are buying from and if you ask them and list it here I’d be happy to share my thoughts about them.

Hope this helps.