Zip Code 55744

Hi Phoenix,

We live in a rural area in Minnesota. Do you have any suggestions for mattress providers near zip code 55744? Otherwise we could go to the Twin Cities, but that is about 4 hours away. Thanks!

Hi weneedamattress,

Well I have to say you live in what I call a mattress desert. I took a look in Grand Rapids, MN and only found 4 stores that sold mattresses. Mainstream they only carry mainstream mattresses and I would avoid them. They carry mainstream brands and also Symbol which is usually higher quality/value than many larger brands but they only carry their lower end mattresses in both their main and outlet store so I would avoid them as well.’s-Fine-Furniture-24656634 They carry Englander and Omaha Bedding 2 sided mattresses which would both be higher quality/value tan most mainstream brands but again they are only lower end and don’t carry any specialty foam mattresses like memory foam or latex.

Mattress | Box Springs | Furniture | Grand Rapids, MN they carry Restonic which makes some better quality/value mattresses using gel foam, memory foam, and latex but they didn’t answer their phone so I don’t know which of the models they carry. These are still a possibility for further research.

I took a quick look at Duluth and while I haven’t looked there in any depth … I did come across and talk to … They used to make their own mattresses but now their happy sleeper brand is made by Englander. They include two sided innersprings which are likely better quality/value. They also carry Englander memory foam mattresses and latex/ininerspring hybrids and have a Restonic all latex mattress as well. they are certainly the best “local” possibility that I talked to.

If I find any other possibilities in Duluth , I will add them here but it may well be that your best value of all will be in Minneapolis (post #2 here has a list of the better options there).

If the drive to Minneapolis is too far … then it may also make sense to consider an online purchase if you are comfortable with this. Some of the members of the site that specialize in helping their customers online and over the phone and offer great quality and value are listed in post #21 here.