Zoned Latex Core?

Hello All. I’ve been around the site, looking for a fix for a too-firm latex bed. Still looking :S . My problem is not enough shoulder cushioning, but maybe not enough hip support. If you can’t tell from that last sentence, I’m a hip-heavy side-sleeper. Initially, I thought I just needed to add a plush topper, but now I’m wondering if a zoned core plus zoned topper would be better, considering my build and comfort issues.

If it helps, I’m 5’4", 120 lbs, some lumbar disc issues. I’ve got a 9’ mattress which is 36-28-28, bottom to top.

Does anyone here have experience with zoned latex? Does it really support the hips/back while cushioning the shoulders? From what I’ve seen, it’s only a 4-5 ILD difference between zones: Is that enough to feel it while lying on the mattress?

It seems that our mattress encasement (cotton and wool) makes the edges firmer and leaves the middle of the bed somewhat softer, which might allow the hips to sink in more than is desired. So the options I’ve come up with are:

1.) Get a 6" mattress encasement for the 36-28 bottom layers and put the top 3" layer of latex into its own very stretchy knit cover.

2.) Replace the bottom 6" with a zoned core. Put the top layer (28 ILD) into a very stretchy knit cover.

3.) Take a 6" zoned core and top it with a 3" softer zoned layer, thus completely rebuilding my side of our king bed. This is obviously the most expensive option and I’d like to avoid it, if there’s an equally effective, less costly option.

Any and all replies welcome. I’m very open to solutions I might not have considered, as well. We’ve had the bed almost a year and I’ve become quite tired of not getting a good night’s sleep!

Thanks to anyone with advice! :slight_smile:

Hi madinsomniax,

You can see my comments about zoning in this article and in post #11 here. A latex core that has a relatively small difference between the zones can still be “somewhat helpful” but you may not “feel” much difference between a zoned layer and a non zoned layer that has the same ILD as the softer parts of the zone (the upper and lower third for example) when you first lie on the mattress (most of the initial feel and pressure relief of a mattress comes from the upper layers) … but if the zoning helps keep you in better alignment over the course of the night it can certainly make a difference in how you feel when you wake up in the morning.

While it may not “feel” like it because there are so many subjective elements involved with “feel” … a quilted cover over a softer layer of latex will tend to reduce the amount you will sink in to the latex … not make it softer. Of course it may affect your shoulders more than your hips so it may “feel” like your hips are sinking in more relative to your shoulders.

It would be helpful to describe the specific symptoms you are experiencing in much more detail and whether they seem to be connected to pressure issues or alignment issues (see post #6 here). What you are describing about how far you are sinking in is a more subjective description “about” your experience but without more specifics about the actual symptoms you are experiencing it is difficult to make any meaningful suggestions.

Post #2 here and the posts it links to has more information about the more common symptoms that people may experience on a mattress that can also help with the detective work or the trial and error that may be necessary in deciding on any fine tuning or the combination of materials that may work best for you.