Zoned mattress

What I am referring to and I hope the title matches is a mattress that has a firmer section in the middle. Maybe it is ignorance but that seems like it could be a negative thing. All people are different and it seems like it could be too firm for some and not enough for others and that could cause an unbalance in the overall sleeping position between different areas. I would appreciate your opinion on this.

Hi Napper,

I wouldn’t consider your comments “ignorant” at all, but I could just as easily apply them to any style of mattress – zoned or not. All mattresses have the potential to be either appropriate or not, depending upon the materials used, the ordering of the layers, the amounts, the firmness/softness, the quality…

The theory behind a three-zone mattress is to have a bit of a firmer section in the center-third of the product, usually in the deeper support layers (but sometimes also in the comfort layers as well), as most of our weight tends to be in the abdominal/hip area for most of us. This can be assistive for people of differing dimensions and weight concentration, or even physical ailments, who desire a bit of extra support in this area. There’s more about three-zone systems (and others as well) in this post here.

There’s quite a bit of marketing and misinformation about zoning, and for many individuals it wouldn’t be necessary to contain proper alignment and comfort, so if you are considering such an option, it would behoove you to seek out an experienced retailer or manufacturer who has quite a bit of experience or specializes in such an arrangement.

I hope that information helps!