you say in an article:
“If you choose a zoned mattress, you would be wise to limit the zones to either 2 or 3 as more than this has questionable benefits in most cases and can sometimes lead to the purchase of an inappropriate and very uncomfortable mattress.”

You also praise Flobed which in their v-zone bed has 6 or 7 zones. What about their v-zones. They are also adjustable I think.

Also I have some good new talalay and would like to find a good zoned topper. any recommendations. I’m trying to build my own bed. Have a sleep number below the tally and box spring below that. Can replace the sleep # with a 5" VERY FIRM piece of foam, which gives very little.

I have bought a 3"medium(32ild) and a 3" firm (ild 40) tally and am having a lot of trouble reducing my back pain-located at the PSIS bilaterally. slight differences in the mattress make a lot of difference in my pain.
I have tried 20 or so combinations with little success.

Right now I am most comfortable sleeping on a firm futon with a 2" zoned topper.
I am willing to spend a lot to get some relief. There are no places in my area Lexington,Ky which sell the layers I need. Flobed looks like a good thing to try perhaps because of the guarantee but I’d like to go cheaper if I can since I already have $430 in the talalay and perhaps a few more pieces will do the trick.
Any idea? Thanks

Hi church11,

I’m not sure where you read this but a forum search on vZone (you can just click this) will show that I consider it fairly “risky” (in its standard configuration which is what I call “reverse” zoned) and overly complex.

I’m assuming you mean a zoned latex topper? If this is the case, the only one I saw with a quick search was this one at Amazon. I have seen others from time to time but none of them are currently available. Zoned toppers are much less common than zoned cores.

Some of the members here which are among the better online sources in the country for latex mattresses are in post #21 here.

Some of the better sources I know of for individual components and layers are in post #4 here.

As a word of caution … building your own mattress “piece by piece” may not be nearly as effective an approach as testing and buying a mattress that has already been fully assembled and/or working with the guidance of a mattress “expert” or manufacturer who can supply you with everything you need and has a good sense of how the specific combinations they have available will work together based on years of feedback from customers that may be in a similar position. Personal testing on a completed mattress involves much less guesswork or theory (which can sometimes be counter intuitive) trying to predict how the materials will interact with each other and with your specific body type, sleeping positions, and preferences.

There can be a lot of trial and error and frustration involved when someone’s “needs” are very specific because there is no “formula” that can predict the exact combination of materials or components that may work best and mistakes can be fairly costly.

As a reference point though … I would guess that your firm futon (depending on what type it is) would be firmer than the 40/32 layers that you already have and you may want to take that into account. What type of topper do you have on the futon and have you tried it on top of your latex layers?