100% Botanical Latex Mattress

Hello, I am a long time lurker, and first time poster. It’s very difficult to determine exactly what type of latex mattress venders are selling because of the terminology; what they say and don’t say. It may be worse than buying a new car!

I am interested in purchasing a 100% pure, natural botanical latex rubber mattress, not a blend, no fillers, in the Arizona (or neighboring states) area. I bought one some years ago with 2" of 17 ILD - 2" 27 ILD and 6" 37 ILD. Unfortunately, the company no longer makes it because of the cost. It is the best mattress I have ever slept on and would like to have an additional mattress of similar construction. Any ideas where I can find a100% pure, natural botanical latex mattress? (Phew! I think I have all the correct words in the description).

Hi tripod,

Hopefully you’ve already had the chance to read the tutorial post which has the basic information, steps, and guidelines that can help you make the best possible and most suitable choices in terms of PPP as well as quality, durability and all the other factors that are an important part of your personal value equation.

A good manufacturer or retailer will tell you the type and blend of latex in each layer of their mattresses when you talk with them. Once you know this there is more about the different types and blends of latex in post #6 here and post #7 here has more about some of the more general differences between Talalay and Dunlop but verbal descriptions are not nearly as meaningful as your own personal testing on similar materials or mattresses to help you know which type of latex you prefer (although it seems that you already know based on your old mattress).

The first step would be to confirm which type of 100% natural latex was in the mattress you liked (Talalay and Dunlop both come in 100% natural versions).

Once you know this then I would also be aware that the specs you listed may not be accurate or exact (latex doesn’t come in exact ILD’s and Dunlop has a wider variance than Talalay). There is more about this in post #6 here.

Assuming you are able to accurately find out the ILD range of the layers in your old mattress (and this may not be an accurate assumption in many cases) … then the final step would be to talk with various online manufacturers to see if they offer the same type, blend, thickness, and ILD range in the layers of their mattresses and have a similar cover (the cover and quilting can make a significant difference in the feel and performance of a mattress). There is a list of the members of this site that sell mattresses online in the tutorial post and many of these sell component latex mattresses with a wide range of designs, layering options, and budgets.

If none of the manufacturers offer the same options and cover that was in your mattress you are trying to duplicate … and assuming that the specs you were given are correct (except they were specific and would actually be inside an ILD range) … then the only remaining way to duplicate your mattress would be to buy all the layers and a cover separately from any of the sources in post #4 here that had them available.