3 year DIY attempt still not right

I’ve been flailing at getting my bed right. I’m guessing I don’t have actual comfort layers and thus I’m struggling?

Foundation: Latex Mattress Factory Natural Wood Mattress Foundation twin XL’s as king. 5.5" height
Base: 3" Sleep On Latex firm Dunlop king
Base above it: 6" Foam By Mail HD36-HQ king
3" FoamSource talalay firm king
3" FoamSource talalay medium two twin XLs
Coop Mattress topper

No mattress bag/cover/protector. Just the fitted sheet on top of the Coop. We do like the height of the mattress overall and if possible, would like to keep the height.

Have but aren’t currently using:

Foam by Mail LUX-HQ Foam king. Accidental purchase. Meant to get the HD 36

Arizona Mattress King Bamboo - Wool zippered cover. We feel the zippered top is too firm and we have no ‘feel’ of the latex. Excellent mattress bag though.

ViscoSoft 3" select high density mattress topper - one twin XL

We’ve acquired these pieces one at a time thinking each time we’ve added something we were going to find the ‘it’ finish piece. We haven’t.

Me: 5’11" 210lbs. Mostly side/occasional back sleeper
Wife: 5.7" 150lbs. Side sleeper

Each day we wake up in pain. With the 6" FbM piece on the bottom on top of the foundation then the Dunlop, we both wake up with shoulder pain. So since the ILD of the SoL firm is more than the FbM 6" base, we’re now putting the SOL on the bottom then the FBM on top of it then the other layers. So basically a 9" base.

Now we have no more shoulder pain but we both have some mid back pain.

We also have eliminated using the Arizona bag as the cover makes the bed feel firm so we lose any sense of the latex. We’ve tried other protectors (pee pads/mattress covers) and have had the same ‘drum head’ like feel.

In addition, we also don’t really care for the feel of 3" memory foam. My wife had one of the first Tempurs a while back and hated the sink in/heave yourself up to roll over so she’s 100% against memory foam. I tried the Viscosoft as my comfort layer while she is using the Talalay medium. I ultimately decided against the foam and bought another Talalay medium to match my wife’s side.

But I’m guessing that the problem I have is we don’t have any actual comfort layers? It’s all base and support? Or are we too big to do actual comfort soft layers?

The best bed comfort wise we ever owned was a Denver Mattress Doctor’s Choice Elite Firm that fell apart after 18 months. I’m guessing because of the super cheap poly foam layers on top of the springs.

Its construction:

Quilt layers:
Stretch Knit Ticking featuring ICE Technology
1" Super Soft Antimicrobial Foam
0.5" High Density Quilt Foam
Natural Rayon Fire Barrier

Comfort Layers:
1" HyperGel® High Airflow 3lb. Visco Foam Topper
1" High Density 2.2lb Firm Foam Topper
Laminate Insulator

Support System:
Coil Density: 816 Individually Wrapped Queen Coil Density
Targeted Lumbar Support
3" High Density Base Foam

We REALLY liked this feel (the quilted stiched top of the mattress specifically) until it collapsed with use and we didn’t achieve the 1 1/2" of depressions so no warranty replacement.

Thus, my descent into DIYing hoping to get it just right and get some life out of it instead of spending $1500 every few years or $5000 on a mattress that might last.

So where should I turn now?

More latex toppers but softer ones? I’ve seen posts of maybe a 2" talalay 24 ILD and then a 1" 19 ILD but I can’t find anyone who sells a 1" talalay? Would they go inside the bag I’m not using? Spring base instead of the 6" FbM? Sleep Like a Bear cotton cover?

We’re not super crazy about the Coop mattress topper as it flattens easily and doesn’t really provide the cushy feel we’re seeking. It’s not much different than a down topper. Happy to stop using it or any of the other layers for something more that we’re seeking.

I’m getting discouraged because I can’t achieve the feel I’m seeking but I’m gun shy on buying even more non-returnable pieces trying to get this right.


Hi steve0617,

WOW that’s quite the story. If you would be interested in seeing what a personalized mattress would look like, take a look at Customsleeptech.com and complete our Body Profile.

We will design and build all Talalay Latex mattresses specifically for you based on your body characteristics. No off-the-shelf mattresses. We work with our customers to get it right so they can get a quality night’s sleep.


Our covers are purposely cut a little tight because they stretch over the first few weeks. You didn’t give the cover enough time to loosen up. If we don’t pre-cut them a little tight they would get baggy and bubble up.

Is there a significant difference between your Bamboo Wool and your cotton cover? Im specifically interested in how thick the materials are on the sides, and how well each one stretches to allow give on the latex. My mattress also measures 12.5 inches so Id be curious if its better to go 12" or 13" on the cover as a side sleeper who wants to preserve a plush feel.

I only have the bamboo wool so I can’t speak to the cotton cover. The sides are solid and wouldn’t flex to fit an overcut topper width. You’d have the latex squish down to fit inside the bag. I also can’t speak to which thickness to get. My assumption would be to go bigger so you don’t crush down a layer. But Ken at APM would be best to ask these questions if that’s the route you’re going.

Sides don’t really stretch, only the top so I would go bigger rather than smaller. 13" sounds like the way to go.