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Luma Sleep Luma Sleep™ was founded in 2015 by three veterans of the US mattress industry who had worked together at Latex International (now Talalay Global) from 2001-2005. Steve was the President & CEO at LI who went on to be President of Consolidated Bedding (Spring Air), Restonic and Southerland. Jim, who started his career at Sealy and Simmons, stayed at LI leading sales while David went on to start and run Barnum Design, a brand marketing company based in NY. Our mattress industry and product expertise come from our collective experiences as hands-on executives working in the US mattress supply chain as component suppliers, mattress manufacturers, retailers, and through Luma Sleep™, e-commerce retail. Sleep EZ Sleep EZ is a true “Factory Direct” mattress factory selling directly to customers for almost 50 years. We are latex mattress experts with vast knowledge of in-home-adjustability. In 1998 we launched our website specializing in “natural latex mattresses” and began shipping them directly to our customers’ homes. At the time this venture was scoffed at and given little hope of succeeding. Well, time and the miracle of the internet changed the mattress industry; slowly from 1998 to 2012, and then by leaps and bounds over the last few years. Over 200 new mattress brands have been launched and marketed with websites touting their “one-of-a-kind” mattresses being the perfect fit for all. This is definitely not so. Custom Sleep Technology CST has been in the business of designing and building personalized Talalay Latex sleep products since 2009. Their focus is to create each mattress and mattress topper to the body characteristics of each individual sleeper. This allows their customers to achieve the higher quality of sleep that is so vital to health and wellness. Beducation One of the many things that make your experience so “special” at Mattress To Go special is that I’ll personally be guiding you through your mattress selection process, using research from the world’s leading sleep ergonomic specialists, combined with my own decades of expertise, to find the products that best suit your particular needs. This is all about you. Your restoration. Your requirements. Your health. This process is not about promotions or brands. It’s about selecting high-quality componentry that is most appropriate for your well-being. Flexus Comfort Areas of Expertise: TEMPERATURE REGULATION & ECO-FRIENDLY BED SYSTEMS Quality Sleep Shop Areas of Expertise: MATTRESS MANUFACTURING INNOVATION & COMPONENTS, MATTRESS MATCHING MFC Canada We have more than 30 years of experience, in the “sleep industry” and in getting things right … all with the consumer’s best interests in mind. Doing business is a wild and rewarding journey and in the process, we gained so much knowledge in mattress design, various foam products, and how they suit a particular sleeper that we love to share our knowledge and bring integrity and good advice not only to our ever-growing Canadian customer base but to all that seek clarity and a good night sleep for years to come. My Green Mattress Areas of Expertise: ALL-NATURAL, ORGANIC CERTIFICATIONS; HYBRID POCKETED COILS-LATEX, HANDCRAFTED FloBeds Areas of Expertise: LATEX, ZONING & MATTRESS MATCHING Dave & Dewey Turner ~ Founder & CEO CozyPure Areas of Expertise: HOLISTIC ORGANIC SLEEP / NATURAL FIBERS & MATERIALS / GREEN DESIGN Arizona Premium Mattress Our extensive expertise comes from 50 + years of experience in building and customizing any type of mattress. Through our online/retail store and this forum, we assist with designing and building customized mattresses and systems that fit any personal needs and preferences from side-by-side split systems to zoned… including custom sizes for RV’s, travel trailers, etc. Our innovative designs have been copied over and over again simply because they work. Latex Mattress Factory Areas of Expertise: LATEX, DIY, TOPPERS & MATTRESSES FOR HIGHER WEIGHT RANGES
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