6" Caliber Edge Pocket Coil Vs. 8" Quantum Edge Elite Bolsa for side sleeper?

Hello to all!

Very first post here so I hope I am following protocol and all the rules. If I am not, please let me know and I will correct.
I must say I really like this forum, highly informative. And that’s why I am writing now, to find more insights, informed suggestions and hopefully a winning solution about the dilemma I have.

back and side sleeper

my current set up:
(bottom up)
8" combi zone pocket coil
2" talalay N3 (25/29 ILD) medium
2" talalay N2 (2-/24 ILD) soft
cotton-bamboo cover

Overall I like this set up HOWEVER after about 10 nights I noticed that my lower back was sore in the morning. Long story short I realized that a combi zone is not the best option for a back/side sleeper like me… ggrrrr Ok - so, I am able to exchange the pocket coil, but now I have a dilemma on which alternative would be best for me:

6" Caliber Edge (“stiffer” from what I read)
(I would have to add something to make up for the 2" difference going from the 8" pocket coil I have now …maybe another soft 2" latex layer?)


8" quantum edge bolsa (“softer” from what I read)

What would give me the best support when laying on my back AND when sleeping on my side?

If this is question was asked a million times already, I apologize. But I need to know. Good quality sleep is essential.

side question/curiosity: I noticed that the ventilation holes in both the latex layers I have are not aligned and not all of them go even tru the 2" - I also clearly see bubbles craters (from production) basically everywhere …Is it normal? They almost look like a b-stock production run to me, but I’m not sure if it’s normal (I have never seen a latex topper or mattress with these defects tho).

Please Help - Thanx You!!

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Hi NookStudio.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum. :slight_smile: Thanks for the kind words! It’s always nice to know the resources here are helping and educating consumers!

Sorry to hear the coils you have are causing you some back pain.

To take a quote from Arizona Premium in a different conversation - For those who are side sleepers having smaller coils and more of them means less pressure points so the Bolsa coils could be a good upgrade for your from your current coils.

In that same convo, he said “On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the firmest I would rate the Combi zone at an 8.5, the caliber at 7.5 and the bolsa is an 8. Me being a side sleeper I like the feel of the Bolsa the best because the lighter gauge coils contour better than the other two.”

I hope that information helps. There’s more info in that thread about the differences between the coils, as well, if you find that useful to you. I think you’d probably be quite happy with the 8" quantum edge coils, though!

I wouldn’t be too put off that not every hole goes all the way through (that kind of thing sometimes happens) unless it’s in a large portion of the holes/section of the mattress. Would you happen to have a photo of the latex layer?


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Hi NookStudio,
Just to jump in only for a quick second. You could use a 2" coir or HD foam layer under the coil layer to get to the extra 2" if you did choose to go in the other direction, but it is hard to argue the point from a manufacturer like Arizona Premium and the perspective that Nikki provides. Probably not a bad idea to have a base layer anyway, depending on your foundation.
Best of luck with it!

Hi Nikki,
Thank you for the interest. Here 3 pics. Arizona Premium already answered about it and I am at peace with it :wink: it’s totally normal and it does not affect the performance of the latex layer. I’m just posting the pics coz you asked for it :slight_smile:

Thank you Norm for your interest.
Good suggestion you brought!
However, I think I will go with the Bolsa option and go from there.

Thank you!

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Awesome, good luck with it, you should be fine!

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