A all 100% natural soft dunlop mattress (soft layer on top)

From where can I buy a All natural dunlop mattress with ILDS starting from top layer to bottom layer : 1 inch of 19, 2 inch of 24, 4 inch of 32 and 3 inch of 24.

hello, need help urgently. My request is still unanswered. Thanks so much.
Note: I hope this is the correct configuration. Thanks

Hi richardb,

Thanks for posting your question on the forum :slight_smile:

Just to bring other forum members who may be reading this up to date … you had asked me in a PM on another topic about “matching” a mattress that used to be sold by Costco that listed these as specs for the Dunlop latex they were using and I asked if you could post this on the forum which is where I prefer to answer questions that may have more general interest (for the sake of reference because it happens many times a day, I only answer PM’s or emails that are of a private nature and not suitable for the forum and other than that I ask the sender to re-post it to the forum).

There are two difficulties with trying to do this …

The first one is that Dunlop latex (or any latex) doesn’t come in"exact" ILDs because it is not perfectly consistent across the surface of the layer. Some types of Dunlop can have quite a wide variation. Talalay has a narrower range of ILD’s in a single layer (usually about 4 ILD from the softest part of the layer to the firmest part of the layer).

The second is that these sound more like Latex International Talalay ILD ratings than Dunlop although it is possible that they could be Dunlop as well. Dunlop is usually sold as a density although some manufacturers or distributors (such as Latexco) will measure the ILD’s and sell them this way as well.

Finally … there are not a lot of Dunlop layers that have a “true” ILD in the teens (at least that are listed accurately).

Having said all that … the Puralux Dunlop made by Latexco does come in legitimately softer layers. They are made by Latexco but the Sleep Science mattress you wanted to duplicate used latex made in Thailand to my knowledge so it would be a different type of latex and may have a different softness level.

Some sources for Puralux are as follows …

http://stores.ebay.com/usalatexmattresses which is connected to http://www.memoryfoam4u.com/contact in Westminster, CA. They sell Puralux in 1" - 3" layers but there was some question about the accuracy of their listings because they also listed US made talalay latex when it seemed clear that this was not what they were selling. See this thread along with this thread for more about them. They appear to be selling Latexco products (including Puralux, Durolux, and Talalux) but they still list “USA made Talalux” which at least is a little more accurate even though Talalux is made by Radium in Holland not the USA.

http://stores.ebay.com/heavenlyairsleep Which is probably connected to 江苏揭负汽车维修投资有限公司 in Highlands ranch, CO (unconfirmed). They sell 2" - 3" Puralux toppers.

In addition to these … Post #4 here has a list of suppliers that can supply their customers with Dunlop latex in various thicknesses and ILD’s.

Trying to match the specs of another mattress exactly can be a time consuming and frustrating process and all of this assumes that the original specs you are trying to match are accurate which may not be the case. While the Puralux matches the specs … I don’t think it is the same material as the Dunlop that was in the Costco mattress.

you also mentioned in your PM that you slept on the mattress you were trying to match for one night and I don’t think that a single night would be a good reference on how you would feel sleeping on the same mattress in the long term. I also believe that there are many “pathways” to a similar feel and performance and that your experience indicates that you seem to like the feel and performance of Dunlop but there may also be another layering combination out of the hundreds available that would serve you just as well.

So overall … you may be better off seeing if there is a local manufacturer that sells a Dunlop latex mattress that you can test and see if you can “approximate” your memory of the feel and performance you are looking for using Dunlop latex. It may have a layering combination that is different but provides you with a similar performance and feel. Even if it is a little different … then you would still have the option of adding a protector, mattress pad, or topper that could “fine tune” the mattress to bring it closer to your ideal.

Hope this helps.