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Quality Sleep Shop - Factory Direct Mattress Manufacturer ~ Tim Master founder & CEO


As the owner of Quality Sleep Shop (QSS), Tim Masters a true master craftsman (no pun intended) not only keeps alive the quality and attention to detail that comes with a hand-crafted traditional mattress that can last for decades, but along his dedicated team he is constantly bringing forth innovators the new line creations match different sleep profiles and aesthetic requirements. Tim is committed to educating consumers and spreading the long-life accumulated knowledge of what makes a good mattress and which of its qualities best match a particular sleeper.

Babies, children, youth, athletic types, people with health concerns, old-aged, and partners with different sleep preferences and needs have different sleep requirements. Tim is always looking at all aspects of sleep holistically and individualizes his advice for each customer or shopper who cares to learn about what it takes to have a good night’s sleep. Safety and healthy sleep have been one of his main concerns in mattress building …. which is why he never uses chemical flame retardants and uses only the finest materials and components he can find and makes sure that they are all tested, certified and safety approved.

Quality Sleep Shop has been serving families in its local community with quality, handcrafted mattresses for over 50 years, and Tim is committed to leaving his legacy of quality, safety, and sound sleeping for years to come. People ask, “Are you that little shop that used to be on Ogden in Brookfield?” The answer is, yes! QSS moved to a larger modernized facility at 1519 W 55th Street in La Grange Highlands you can come and visit in person or ask questions here on TMU Forum.