Adjustable bases that can tilt the bed while flat?


I posted about an adjustable base issue yesterday (Thanks @Maverick !) and decided to return the crappy one I had bought from Costco and purchase a new one.

I’m a side sleeper with reflux, and I normally sleep with hard foam wedges under my mattress which tilts the entire mattress, these are what I use now:

This does seem to help with my reflux, and I’d like to be able to do the same with the adjustable base, which brings up 2 questions:

1.) Can I place these foam wedges on top of an adjustable base? The strong ones with 800-900lb capacity probably have enough force to bend the foam (it’s not THAT hard, I can bend it by hand etc), and I don’t care if the foam gets worn and I have to replace it every few years. BTW This is a king size 190lb mattress, naturepedic eos classic, I’m 220lb, sleeping partner is 135lb.

2.) I’ve compiled some adjustable bases that can do this kind of tilt, some units already have this functionality, some offer accessory kits to add this tilting functionality. I was wondering if people know about these specific options, what people think about them, and if I’m missing any that may come to mind. I’d like to keep it under 2k for a 1 piece king which seems possible - if I have to go over a bit I can but I’ve seen some 3-5k options that just don’t seem worth it. I don’t care about lumbar support, massagers, lights, usb ports. Just want something relatively quiet, built like a tank with a good warranty, good customer service, and standard head and foot elevation for watching TV.

Rize Remedy 3 w/rizer kit

Symphony Sleep 400E w/adjustable base kit (“elevation kit”):

Dynasty D7500s:

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Hey Sam,

Using a foam bed riser on top of an adjustable base can be done, but there are a few important considerations to ensure safety, functionality, and comfort:

  1. Ensure that the foam bed riser is compatible with the adjustable base. Some foam risers are designed specifically to work with adjustable beds, allowing for proper movement and support. Check the manufacturer’s guidelines for both the riser and the adjustable base.
  2. The riser must provide a stable and secure platform. Adjustable bases move and change positions, so the riser needs to remain stable and not shift or slide. Non-slip materials or additional securing mechanisms might be necessary.
  3. Consider the additional height the riser will add to your bed. Ensure that this added height does not make the bed too tall for comfortable and safe use.
  4. The riser should not impede the functionality of the adjustable base. Ensure that the riser fallows or full movement and adjustment of the base without restriction.
  5. Check the weight capacity of both the riser and the adjustable base. The combined weight of the mattress, the riser, and the sleepers should not exceed the maximum weight limits.
  6. Adding a riser may alter the feel and comfort of the bed. Make sure that the riser doesn’t negatively impact the mattress’s support or your overall comfort.

Some foam risers may have slits strategically placed to help if you were angling he head only, for example or when raising the feel independently. This will put less stress on the adjustable base, it will help with the correct angling of the head and foot articulation, and put less wear and tear on the foam riser.

But you still have to consider the overall feel and how the riser may affect it.

Or you could just get something like this

Although a little more expensive, Reverie makes an adjustable base with the tilt function built in -

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I actually got the Rize Contemporary IV with Rizer Kit recently! I love it. Unfortunately I’m not currently able to use it because I started reacting to the offgassing. But I don’t think this would necessarily be a problem for most people. I have MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) and many other health issues.

I got the base from Synergy Health: and they gave me a great deal. Highly recommend talking to the owner, Greg.

Asides from the offgassing, the base is FANTASTIC. I am really looking forward to sleeping on it again soon. I think any of the Rize or Symphony Sleep options look great.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Are you saying you are getting offgassing from the adjustable base or from the mattress as it bends when you articulate the head or foot?

From the base itself. We took the mattress out of the room and could still smell the off-gassing from the base after a few days and airing the room out thoroughly.

Wow! That is a first. The yawnder4 (aka ergomotion rio 4) had no smell at all. Barely the smell of the cardboard it was packed in. Sorry to hear that. Hopefully you can rid that smell somehow. Did you contact rizehome? Seems a bit unusual.