Adjustable bed for sleeping and sitting.


I was thinking of getting an adjustable bed, but also for sitting in during the day.

Here’s my situation. I have lower back problems, I also have problems with the muscles in my middle , upper back, shoulders, such that I can’t sit straight upright except for short periods. I also have a disorder called RSD in my foot which requires that I keep it propped up at at least hip level most of the time, with a blanket on it to keep it warm.

My previous setup of a non-reclining armchair plus a cushioned coffee table to put my foot on. This wasn’t working anymore. So I was looking into a new recliner, at the same time I was looking to replace my worn out bed. And it occurred to me I could maybe kill two birds with one stone and just get an adjustable bed and sit in that during the day. It would certainly hold my foot up better than the footrests on most recliners, and it would save space in my room.

Does this seem like it would work out?

I was figuring a fairly basic model, I don’t need massage or wall-hugging or some of these other fancy features, but I did see a couple features on more expensive models that might be worth it: 90-degree head tilt and adjustable lumbar support. The former would be nice for sitting up and watching TV, the latter would be nice potentially for my back problems. Would it be worth it?

To my knowledge the only models that have both features are the Serta Motion Custom II and the Ergomotion Softide 8300.

Also, what type of mattress would work best for this?

I often sleep on my side due to my back - the adjustable bed might make that unnecessary but I don’t know that for sure…hmm.

Hi JustSomeGuy,

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I’m sorry to hear about your pain issues and RSD.

Having a power foundation with a durable mattress certainly will be able to accomplish some of what you’re attempting to do, but I don’t know if the leg elevation will be as high as you need for your RSD, but it should get you “most” of the way there (you may still need to prop up with a pillow a bit). Also, realize that if you are going to use your mattress for sitting for long periods of time, as well as for sleep, that it will place extra demands upon your mattress and will result in unique wear patterns which can shorten the comfort life of your mattress.

The “value” of any particular feature is unique to your own personal value equation. The head-tilt feature is becoming more popular across brands, but not all have a separate motor to be able to control the movement of that last segment independent of the other segments. Most work sequentially in unison with the head adjustment, where the end segment adjusts first to its final angle, and then the second section kicks in as the head adjustment continues to elevate.

There is more information about choosing an adjustable bed in post #3 here and the main adjustable bed topic that it links to that can help you choose an adjustable bed based on price vs features comparisons and also includes some retailers that you can use as good sources of information about the features of the adjustable beds they carry and as pricing references as well (in post #6 in the main adjustable bed topic). Of course there are many other sources as well and prices (and model features) can change on a regular basis so I would also include some internet searching in your research. I would also keep in mind that online advertised prices are often price controlled so make sure you call the stores you are considering to find out their best prices rather than just looking at websites.

I would consider all the major adjustable bed manufacturers to be closely comparable in terms of reliability so I would use price and feature comparisons to choose between them. There is another adjustable bed base thread here with some other manufacturers listed.

Latex and memory foam mattresses have always been popular choices for use in adjustable bed applications, and in the past few years more manufacturers have made many of their innerspring products “adjustable bed friendly”. Because of the very specific demands you’re considering placing upon your mattress with the use of your adjustable bed base, you would want to carefully look at the materials inside of any mattress you were considering and find out the information listed here so you can compare the quality of the materials and components to the durability guidelines here to make sure there are no lower quality materials or weak links in a mattress you desired to purchase.

With your specific needs and health issues, I’m sure that there are certain materials to which you’ll best respond. Both memory foam and latex tend to have very good point elasticity characteristics, with latex also offering excellent support. I’d certainly consider both of these types of products in your search.

While I can certainly help with “how” to choose, unfortunately it’s not possible to make specific suggestions or recommendations for either a mattress, manufacturers/retailers, or combinations of materials or components because the first “rule” of mattress shopping is to always remember that you are the only one that can feel what you feel on a mattress and there are too many unknowns, variables, and personal preferences involved that are unique to each person to use a formula or for anyone to be able to predict or make a specific suggestion or recommendation about which mattress or combination of materials and components or which type of mattress would be the best “match” for you in terms of “comfort”, firmness, or PPP or how a mattress will “feel” to you or compare to another mattress based on specs (either yours or a mattress), sleeping positions, health conditions, or “theory at a distance” that can possibly be more reliable than your own careful testing (hopefully using the testing guidelines in step 4 of the tutorial) or your own personal sleeping experience (see mattress firmness/comfort levels in post #2 here).

Many people who sleep upon their side do enjoy a slight bit of elevation at the head and the foot, so an adjustable bed can also be helpful in that sleeping posture. Your next best step would be a trip to a retailer offering power foundations with some of the mattress styles you are considering and see how those feel to you.