Advice on mattress surgery / conversion to hybrid innerspring + latex

Have a king size posturpedic mattress w/ eurotop that has of course become a mushy mess of non-supportive dipping.

Plan to strip it down to the 8" innerspring, then add latex back on top of it.

I am 6’ 260lbs back sleeper, my wife is 5’ 7", 175lbs primarily stomach / side sleeper.

Not sure whether to just slap a 3" Medium Density Talalay on there, or do 2 x 2" for a 12" total, and split that between 2" Medium Dunlop and 2" Soft Talalay, or 2" Medium Dulop and 2" Medium Talalay.

We both like a fairly soft feel, especially the wife when side sleeping, but of course need a reasonable amount of support. Her biggest problems with firmer mattresses have been pressure points, knee pain when stomach sleeping, etc. My biggest problem with our current soft mess is low back pain that I only get from sleeping, as I have no pain any other time.

Thanks for your advice.

I did a similar conversion on a Serta last summer. Thread is here:

Ken Hightower of Arizona Premium Mattress was very helpful on the project. He also has several mattress rebuild videos on his website if you haven’t seen them.

We have 3" of medium Talalay latex over the Serta pocket coil innersprings. My wife is very happy with the combination and wouldn’t change anything. I find the combination a bit too firm sleeping on my left side, although when on my right side it’s fine. Probably more arthritis pain on the left side is the culprit. Good luck with your rebuild! Vic

Thank you, a lot of good information in your thread, and very similar to what I am working with. Glad to hear 3" on top of innersprings is enough.

Interesting to see that you ended up going with 2 x TwinXL pieces. I was considering that, as the wife is a side sleeper and I am a back sleeper and generally like a firmer choice. The wife didn’t like the idea though, as she sometimes sleeps more towards the center of the mattress, as well as being concerned there’d be a seam or gap or anything that could get in the way of snuggling up in the middle of the bed. Do the 2 pieces stay pretty well in place? Or is the seam noticeable if you put weight in the middle?

Thanks for the help!

We have never noticed a gap or seam. I just ran my hand across the center of the mattress to check and was unable to even feel the two halves. Our APM cover is pretty snug fitting though. A looser fitting cover might allow more separation, don’t know. Maybe Ken Hightower or others with more experience could give you a more definitive answer. Vic

Thanks for the feedback Vic. I’ll definitely give a split configuration some thought.

Hello Gink

Thank you kindly for your inquiries. I would agree that a 3" Medium or even Firm over innerspring should be enough to offer you both contour and support. If you purchase a zippered cover to hold it all in, I also recommend splitting your top two layers to accommodate yours and your wife’s comfort needs. As long as you put the springs and the latex layer inside a nice tight cover, then you will not have to worry about the layers shifting or coming apart in the center.

Please let us know what you end up going with. Thanks again, have a terrific day!

Thanks for the feedback.

We ended up getting a 2" Medium Dunlop and a 2" Medium Talalay. Maybe an odd combination, but being new to latex, was nice to have both types and able to pick which we wanted on top.

It’s taken some time to adjust to, but we’re pretty happy with the result, though will probably be doing some fine tuning in the future. We did a couple weeks with innerspring | dunlop | talalay, then tried swapping the dunlop / talalay layers for a few nights before going back.

I was able to remove the original pillow top in 1 intact piece, so currently we are trying it out with that back on top. I liked the feel of being directly on the latex, but wasn’t really getting the level of “sink-in” that we like with the medium.

So far the added padding on top of the good support of 4" of medium latex on top of pocket coils is seeming like it might be a winner. I’m sure the pillow top is just full of crummy foam that is at the end of its life, so we’ll probably replace it at some point with an inch or two of soft latex or foam.

Since I started shopping around Veterans Day, I was also able to get in on your free pillow offer, which has been great. Of course, my wife immediately tried to steal my new pillow, despite having bought her a spendy shredded memory foam pillow a couple years ago. The shredded latex is just way more comfy. Sure was glad to see the pillow go on sale for the holidays! 70% off is a steal of a deal, so I ordered her one of her own so she’ll quit trying to take mine!

Hello Gink

Thank you kindly for your feedback. I am happy to hear that your layer configuration is working out for you! I am also happy to hear that you like the shredded latex pillows! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call our office at anytime at 480-966-8731. Thanks again for the feedback! - SleepEZ