Advice Welcome and Badly Needed

We need to purchase 2 twin xl mattresses soon. We need delivery by the end of the month. I realize time is running out for delivery. Went ahead and bought 2 L&P Designer adjustable bases a few days ago to make a split king. I thought I had narrowed down manufacturers to a mere few and would order last weekend. In fact I was sure I would make an online purchase no later than last night. I felt the choices boiled down to 10 to 12 inch (or so) talalay latex or 10" to 13" (give or take) latex over foam. My wife wants a soft mattress she can sink into as a side sleeper. She is worried about online purchases and is concerned latex is too firm even if rated “soft”. I like medium to medium firm. I have spent a lot of time reading this site as well as sleeplikethedead. The more I read and the more brands I check out, the more confused I get. Needless to say everytime I have filled my cart I have deleted my order. We live in the midwest. I would like to budget no more than $1600 or so per mattress and preferably less (though to get this done I may even pay more). Any thoughts or recomendations? Brands to avoid? Any that must be considered?

Hi Mason,

Did you have a chance to read the tutorial post here?

If you follow the steps and guidelines there your odds are very high of making the best possible choice … and avoiding the worst ones … and while it won’t tell you what mattress to choose (that’s up to each person) it will help you with how to choose. It also has a link to some of the members of the site that sell latex mattresses or latex hybrids and would be well worth talking to on the phone if you are looking at making an online purchase.

A mattress is only as good as its construction and the quality of the materials inside it so the brand label on the mattress makes little difference although I would also avoid any manufacturers (or retailers) that don’t provide enough information about what is in their mattresses to make an informed decision.


Thanks for the thoughts. Very helpful. After a few more days and more reading I am leaning toward the talalay rather than foam. I have also been told latex will perform and hold up much better on an adjustable base than foam and to stay at about 10". Thicker may cause bunching. Does all that sound right? Wife is somewhat resistive to all latex. She is 5’3, apx. 150lbs, sleeps on her side and stomach and likes a soft pillow top feel. She is worried latex will be too firm. I am a side sleeper just under 5’11 and range between 215 and 225. I think I prefer medium or slightly firmer but not firm. We both have some joint and back pain. We have ordered 2 twin xls to put together as a king. Looking at Sleep EZ, Brookland Bedding, Habitat Furnishings talalay/dunlop “Sky”, Restonic Nevada Plush, Arizona Mattress, and Plushbeds. Too many choices and need soon! Any more thoughts and input? I realize you may not be able to make specific recomendations but would appreciate a little knowlegable nudging from you or other forum members. Thanks

Hi mason,

Don’t forget that Talalay latex is a foam material even though latex foam is different from polyfoam or memory foam.

That’s right yes although even a little thicker will till work well on an adjustable bed because latex is very flexible.

Latex comes in a very wide range of firmness levels from ultra soft to extra firm so this would be a matter of choosing the firmness level and design that would be best for her.

Outside of local testing where you can test a mattress in person … there is a link in the tutorial post to a list of the members of this site that sell latex mattresses online in different budget ranges and with different features and options that compete well with the best in the country. Of course that doesn’t include every option you have but if you know all the details of the materials and components in any two similar mattresses then you can make meaningful quality and value comparisons between them based on all the parts of your personal value equation that are most important to you.