Advise for someone who can't afford top of the line

Okay. I have asked about numerous memory foam mattresses and everything I find that I can afford, there is something fatally wrong with acording to members on here. Bottom line is I simply cannot afford those recommended on here. I am looking for advise and direction in finding something I can afford. YES YES YES I have read all about needing to find 4LB density and above, CertiPUre , etc etc etc. What I need is help finding somthing I can AFFORD! HELP ME PLEASE. I need straight forward names, sites, etc of where I can find a more reasonably priced memory foam mattress even if the longevity is going to be 10 years. Thankyou


If i may ask what is your budget?

$800 for a King…I understand it won’t last as long as more expensive ones but it really is all I can afford.

Its going to be really difficult to impossible to find something that would be recommended on this site in a king size for that price.

If you want quality in a king you might want to go with an offer such as 0.00apr offered at Pure Latex Bliss for 24 months and get a bed that will have a 20 year waranty.

Hi thefussys,

Unfortunately if your budget is lower then you may have to compromise the types of materials that you use and this is just part of the tradeoffs that are involved in a mattress purchase with a lower budget. A $500 budget 15 years ago would buy much more than even $800 will today.

The reality is that good quality specialty foams such as memory foam and latex are just more expensive and if you buy a mattress that uses them and choose low quality materials it won’t last as long as a more traditional mattress that uses more durable materials that costs less. This is especially true when your husband weighs well over 200 lbs. 3 lb memory foam or other lower quality materials just won’t last and will end up being poor value if you have to replace it more often because it loses its comfort and support much too quickly.

When you have a lower budget and want high quality and more durable materials then something has to give and what may have to give is either the type of materials that you choose so you can still have good quality in a lower budget with a traditional mattress similar to what you purchased previously or you may need to consider an online order where there are mattresses available that have reasonable quality and good value in your budget range but carry a bit more risk in terms of making a choice that is more suitable for your needs and preferences.

Beside the online lists that I linked to earlier and the Minneapolis list that I also linked to (which may have the best value available within a reasonable driving distance) … I had a chance to do a bit of looking in the Saint Cloud area and some of the options you may want to consider are listed at the end of this post. Keep in mind that these are not researched other than looking at websites so you will need to make sure that any of these will disclose the materials that are in their mattresses so that you can confirm that what you are buying is reasonable quality because I haven’t had the chance to have a conversation with any of these retailers. I would also suggest that you call them first before you spend any time visiting them to make sure that they carry some mattresses that have a latex comfort layer or a memory foam comfort layer that is at least 4 lbs density and that the support layers use at least 1.8 lb polyfoam that is in your budget. The more you do on the phone the less you will end up driving everywhere only to find that you may have wasted your time. This way you can make sure that you are getting the best possible quality that may be available to you locally. I’ve listed the manufacturers that I would consider on a “mattress by mattress” basis with each retailer but again you will need to make sure that any of the specific mattresses you are considering have good quality materials and are within your budget because many of these may not be in the models that they carry. Saint Cloud, MN Anatomic Global Saint Cloud, MN. Restonic. Waite Park, MN. Ecosleep, Englander, Restonic. Waite Park, MN. Cool Contour (Ecosleep?), Custom Comfort. Becker, MN. Sleep Harmony (call to make sure they carry these). Albertville, MN Therapedic, Superpedic? (check specs and manufacturer).

Rocky Ridge Outlet - Home Albany, MN. Symbol.

When you are looking at “possibilities” for retail stores … then it’s important to make sure that they are willing and able to provide you with the quality details of all the layers of a mattress you are considering (see this article) so that you can make a reasonable assessment of the quality and durability of a mattress and meaningful comparisons with other similar mattresses.

With an $800 budget then you are also in the range of some of the online options I mentioned earlier in post #12 here and hopefully there may also be some reasonable quality local options in this range as well.

Hope this helps.


Curious why the need for a king?

A cheap mattress will not last so you’ll end up buying twice if not more during the life cycle of a typical $1600-2000 latex bed. So less up front cost, but if you repeadetly end up replacing the end result is that a $1600-$2000 Latex is likely cheaper in the long run.

There were a few Savvy Rest dealers in the MN area when I looked, but Moss Envy was the store that I called. You will be looking at a $3000 mattress, but this is only to see whether quality latex works for you as whaich configuration is best. It only costs your time to do some shopping and no obligation to buy.

That why Isuggested taking up an offer such as Sleepworks or any of the mattress stores that have 0.00 apr financing for 24 months Sleepys is actually offering 36 months… I’m not for credit card debt but there are situations where it does make sense… I’m actually against debt on a car because a new car is not a need (I buy used and pay in full)… a good mattress is a NEED to vastly improve quality of life…

The king size ultimate dreams is pretty close to that: