All latex talalay mattress(prefering queen)

HI Phoenix,
I have read couple pf your mattress forums and your knowledge is admireable,

I want to get a queen size all latex mattress caise I found customer satisfaction to be higher as compared to Latex on mattress or mattress on latex,

My lower back hurts and its due to the cheap inner spring mattres I purchased 3 months ago, In the begining it was minor but now it hads increased to the point where I cant sleep on it anymore,

1,Where to find great deal all latex talalay queen size mattress ? ( I prefer queen cause I can use my current mattress box ). ,I am a student and I have a budget , Under $1200 would be perfect.

2,SInce Latex is different from memory foam, Where can I physically check how it feels ?
I live in Fallschurch VA 22044,

3, I checked out temperpudic and the sales person told me that I liked med to firm feels, How can I find the right comfort level for myself ?

Kindly let me know,
Appreciate your help.


I’m not Pheonix, but I do live in NOVA and have been shopping for latex mattresses. So I’m in the same boat as you.

Most stores don’t have all latex mattresses to try or they may have just one. I’d stay away from the regular stores like Mattress Warehouse, Mattress Discounters, Sleepy’s and the like. Their sales staff is mostly interested in locking you into a sale. They tend to give out misinformation knowingly or unknowingly and just aren’t really all that helpful. You’re lucky you found this place first.

That said, I’d recommend you try out the Pure Latex Bliss line. They’re out of your cost range, but you’ll be albe to try a selection of models to see if latex is right for you. Their website lists retailers, but I’d recommend driving down to Mount Vernon Sleep Center in Fredricksburg if you can. I was there just this last weekend. They’re about 1/2 mile west of I-95 off of exit 130B on the left. They have 3 PLB models on the floor…Pamper (firmer), Nature (medium), and Beutiful (softer). They’re blended Talalay latex. The staff is helpful and let me take time on my own to check them out.

Make sure you learn about ILD. It’s the measure of firmness of a layer of latex. It will help you compare models and know what you’re feeling. Generally 19-21 ILD very soft, 24-28 medium support, and 35+ is firm and used in base layers.

Thank You for the info,
Is blended latex all natural latex ?


I’m going from memory, but here are the specs of the PLB models from what I remember…

2" 21 ILD latex
6" 40 ILD latex

2" 21 ILD
2" 28 ILD
6" 35 ILD

3" 21 ILD
3" 28 ILD
5 or 6" 35 ILD

Just to give you some idea of the price of these, Mt. Vernon quoted me $1809 for the Pamper and that was the cheapest.

Now for something more attainable, Ecosleep deserves a look. Unfortunately, there aren’t any to try out anywhere nearby. Prices for Queen mattresses are reasonable though and range from about $750 up to $1250. Less expensive versions use high density polyfoam for a base. According to Pheonix, they’re likely 2lb density so they’re a good combination of quality and value and should hold up well over time. Note that Polyfoam ILD is measured differently then latex. Ecosleep uses 33 ILD Poly which will be firmer than an equivilent 33 ILD latex. You can compare these models at

Note that when dealing with latex, your weight, body shape, and personal prefernces will all come into play. What feels softer to one person may feel firm to another.


These are all blended latex. I’m not sure of the percentages.

I settled on the Ecosleep Obsession myself. It was 1" 19 ILD blended talalay latex, 2" 24 ILD blended talalay latex, and 7" 33 ILD HD polyfoam. I’ll have to wait a few more weeks before it arrives.

I can settle for a full size and how about the compnaies Phoenix recommended ?

Which one you think is the best deal, And whats up with the bamboo zip cover ?

Is there any store that would have mattresses comparable to EcoSleep™ Latex Mattresses ?

Hi sayedhamdani,

Just in case you haven’t read it yet the first place I would start your mattress research is the tutorial post here which has all the basic information, steps, and guidelines that can help you make the best possible choices.

I replied to some of your questions in this thread in my reply here in your other thread.

I would also echo some of the suggestions made by wrngway which are excellent.

If you are looking for a mattress that is comparable to another one in terms of materials, quality, and durability then you would need to find a mattress that used similar layering and construction so it would depend on which specific Ecosleep mattress you were comparing. This means that you would need to make sure you were dealing with a retailer or manufacturer that disclosed all the layers of their mattresses so you can compare the design of each mattress to see how closely their designs match each other. If you are comparing two mattresses in terms of how they feel (that don’t use the exact same materials or construction) then you would need to test them both in a side by side comparison to see how similar they feel to you in terms of PPP because the “feel” of a mattress is quite subjective and how closely two mattresses “matched” each other would depend on the perceptions of each person and on their body type, sleeping style, and preferences. There is more about “matching” one mattress to another in post #9 here but it’s generally more effective to “match” all the mattresses you test to a common set of standards and your personal value equation rather than using one mattress as your “target” that you use to measure other mattresses against.

The specs of the Pure Latex Bliss mattresses are listed in post #2 here but they are very close to the ones that wrngway listed.

Blended Talalay latex uses about 30% natural rubber and 70% synthetic rubber while 100% natural Talalay uses 100% natural rubber. You can read more about the different types of latex in this article and in post #6 here. Blended Talalay and 100% natural Talalay have a very similar “feel”.

Some of the better options and possibilities I’m aware of in your area (including Mt Vernon Sleep Center which wrngway also mentioned) are listed in post #2 here including a number of latex options that are available in the area.



The Original Mattress Factory carries an all latex mattress that looks like it has some good quality materials. They do list many of the specs including density on their website which is nice because most manufacturers/stores are loath to do so. It also appears that they may be able to customize the thickness and firmness as well.

I believe they have a store in Richmond, so it’s not too far a drive. The price is also within the range you’re looking at.

Hi wrngway,
That is a excellent recommendation, But I am thinking of getting a Ecosleep sensation or obsesstion queen mattress, and I will save almost $300, But the point is should I save that cash and If I look at it in a long run , I will have to change the Ecosleep mattress and get something really nice after 6 years (give or take )

The questions is

1,These latex mattress are 40% natural and 60% synthetic, Is it worth spending $1299 for queen Mattress set because It will be on the back of my mind that It’s not 100% natural latex ???

And I will be going school in Jan16 and I will have part time job, I am trying to save as much as possible,

2nd, Will there be a great difference in the PPP and support system of and the EcoSleep Sensation and Obsession ?

And I am tryiing to find a comparable mattress to the Ecosleep Sensation and Obsession so I could physically feel them ???

Thank You for you help guys.

My BMI is 22 and according to I should go for Medium when it comes to softness and firmness…
Is this correct calculations ? :huh:

I settled down on this thread,

My back hurts due to no lunbar support in my current mattress ?

As far as lunbar support , Which Ecosleep latex mattress do you recommend and which Spindle synthetic latex ?
cause those 2 are the only ones that are in my price range…

Hi sayedhamdani,

[quote]As far as lunbar support , Which Ecosleep latex mattress do you recommend and which Spindle synthetic latex ?
cause those 2 are the only ones that are in my price range… [/quote]

See mattress firmness/comfort levels in post #2 here which includes the only two effective ways I know to choose which mattress is best for you in terms of PPP (either local or online).


I prefer quality over price and the 2 mattress that come in my price range are Ecosleep mattress and Spindlemattress synthetic,

Which one of these 2 types of mattress construction is more value for money,

According to Spindlemattress my BMI( body mass index ) is 22,They recommended medium ild for me and that start at 26 right,

Since I am in the medium (not soft and not firm), is the Ecosleep revelation mattress for me ?