Alternate suggestions - value vs. longevity?


Great forum here. I joined back in Dec 2011 but this is my first post. My wife and I have decided that we need to get a new matreess soon. I’l describe our journey, and the questions we now have before making a decision.

In Dec 2011 my wife and I went to Beloit Mattress in WI and tried out the Solace ( and the Nature Rest Level 2 ( The Solace is affordable and very comfortable, but the natures rest is the most comfortable but significantly more expensive. We are currently not planning to purchase from Beloit for 2 reason - First, the prices went up significantly since we looked, and secondly I would have to rent a truck for the 150 mile round trip that would take most of a saturday to accomplish just getting it.

In January 2012 I bought the Ecosleep bed at Wal-mart (EcoSleep 10'' Align Talalay Latex Mattress - As others have complained, the foam base never expanded so it was returned.

Now my attention has turned to SleepEz, and Jeremy has recommended S-M-F for my wife, and either M-F-XF or S-F-XF for me. My wife is apprehensive buying a bed she has not tried out. We do have a saavy rest dealer close by that I have been to. The next step is to bring my wife - and if she likes it, the sleepez mattress is virtually identical and now an option. However, cost might be an issue. In addition, we both sometimes wonder if we should 1) buy less expensive mattresses like the Dreamfoam bedding ones on Amazon (or simlar mattresses with some type of polyfoam base topped with either latex or memory foam) or 2) spend the money on the most durable mattresses, like all latex, assuming the cost is justified by the increased longevity. My issue with going with the less expensive options is that most cannot be customized for my side and her side. I do accept that less expensive mattresses may only have 5-7 year useful life.

Before I ask my specific questions, I’ll give some relevant information: I’m 5’9", 205lbs side sleeper. I have broad shoulders (46 jacket), and our current mattress (Simmons Beautyrest “Rodeo” model purchased from Mattress Giant in 2001, soft on her side, firm on mine) is causing pain in my mid-back on up. In addition, the body impressions are so deep that I fell like I sleep in a ditch. My wife is 1/2" shorter than I am, 145lbs, side sleeper. Our current mattress does not bother her…but I have retreated to the guest bed recently for some relief.

Now, my questions:

  1. If my wife does not like the saavy rest/sleep ez (solid latex mattress), what are some of the best alternatives for beds with polyfoam/HR foam base with either latex or memory foam comfort layers? From the “sleeps like the dead” site, many people like the bed in a box beds, but I have my doubts on how long their 3lb/cu ft memory foam would hold up…what are other options?
  2. can any of these less expensive option be customized for each side? Can the Dream foam bedding be customized for each side, since it appears to be a high value option? I really have my doubts that a matress that is comfortable for her would do an adequate job keeping me in alignment and comfortable.
  3. any other suggestions? What have I missed?

Much Thanks,

Hi Sleeplessbwj,

I can certainly understand the hesitancy with renting a truck but have you inquired about having it delivered? While all manufacturers in the industry are affected by multiple recent increases in materials including all types of foam … the prices of the two mattresses you mentioned (which are listed as a set price not mattress only) make them high value options when you look at the high quality of the materials they are using and also consider that they are being sold as a set with a power stack (high quality) foundation. While I don’t have a historical record of prices for manufacturers … I don’t see the “significant” price increases you see.

While this would certainly be true in some cases … it would also depend on the type and quality of materials used, on the construction, and of course on many other factors including the use of the mattress and the weight of the people on it. In general though … the “weak link” of a mattress is in the upper layers and if you use higher quality materials there it can significantly extend the life of the mattress.

I would have my doubts as well and again in general terms … I would not seriously consider memory foam in densities that low unless it was in very thin quilting layers to “fine tune” the feel of a mattress, not as the main comfort layer. This would be especially true for anyone in the 200 lb range or more. I would not look at any memory foam under 4 lbs and even then I would use it only as part of the layering and not as the main part of a thicker memory foam layer (for example a thinner layer of 4 lb used for it’s different qualities over a layer of 5 lb or higher may be worth considering but even then 4 lb memory foam is not as durable as 5 lb). These are general guidelines of course because the type and order of the materials and layering will also affect the durability of the materials. There is more about the many factors involved in durability in post #2 here.

Side to side splits may be offered by local manufacturers at any budget range but they are less common in sub $1000 mattresses. I don’t have a price based list of manufacturers that offer this though so it would depend more on asking each manufacturer that you are considering whether this is an option that they offer (and many manufacturers could do this) or that may benefit you with the combination of layers and materials they are using. The Dream Foam doesn’t offer a side to side split but as you mentioned is a high value option.

Bear in mind that side to side splits are one way to customize a mattress to two different people but not the only way. Each person will come to rest either shallower or deeper in a mattress and different types of layering can also be used to make a mattress suitable for two people. For example a heavier person like yourself may “mostly use” and be affected by the top 4" of a mattress which could have a softer layer and then a more medium “transition” layer which together become the comfort layer for that person. A firm base under this would provide the support. This same layering could also work for a lighter person who would “mostly use” the upper layer as a comfort layer. In other words … the “transition” layer would function more as part of the comfort layers for the heavier one and more as part of the support layers for the lighter person.

With all other things being equal … latex is the most durable foam but it’s advantage in a support layer is more than just durability because high quality polyfoam or innersprings can also be very durable in the support layers of a mattress. All of these will have different types of performance and “feel”. The advantage of latex in the support layers is just as much in it’s qualities of elasticity and ability to conform and adapt to different positions, it’s feel, and in its other properties that make is a very desirable material in terms of performance not only durability.

If you are looking at mainly latex … then the options you have (SleepEz, Dreamfoam, and Beloit if they remain a consideration) are all excellent and your choices are “all good” and would depend on which parts of your “value equation” re most important to you.

If you are looking at memory foam … then you’ve probably seen this but in case you haven’t … post #12 here along with Beloit would be among your better quality and value options.



Thanks for the suggestions and especially the link to all of the memory foam mattress options! I have been reading and gathering more information. Some of these I had not seen.

I decided to check Sam’s club online and in addition to the Areus foam mattress ( …which also appears to have received some good feedback from the posts I have seen), I also saw this American Sleep Organic Mattress
( Are you familiar with this Manufacturer and Model? I would appreciate any and anyone’s feedback on this mattress. In addition to the price, I like the fact that returns to Sam’s are fairly easy. Here are the specifications for this model:

•American Sleep Organic Mattress with Organic Cotton Cover, Organic Wool Comfort Layers & 100% Natural Latex Support
•100% ntural latex gently contours to the body to promote proper support and pressure reduced sleep
•1" top layer of body contouring ultra-plush (18 ILD) 100% natural latex creates an incredible responsive and resilient sleep environment
•Advanced technology of Pin-Core top surface allows air movement to sleep cooler for more comfort
•A 2" layer of medium-firm (24 ILD) cushioning layer adjusts to shape and weight of body providing progressive support
•Natural latex senses and responds to your body’s weight and conforms to the exact shape of your body
•The 6" ultra-firm 5-Zone (28-32 ILD) substrate base layer provides posturized support for superior spinal alignment and a heavenly feel
•Natural latex reduces unwanted pressure and improving circulation for a deeper, more restful slumber
•Progressive support layers consisting progressively increasing density and ILD ensure proper support no matter the sleeper’s size or shape
•100% natural origin latex is planet friendly and biodegradable
•Organic wool is extremely long lasting and can bend thousands of times without losing form
•Organic wool can evaporate moisture in either a warming or cooling manner allowing it to maintain warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer
•Organic wool fibers are resistant to stains and can naturally pass flame tests used in the bedding industry without the addition of chemical flame retardants
•Organic wool fiber is completely natural and 100% biodegradable
•Organic cotton is grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides for a healthier sleep environment
•Top panel is a resilient knit style organic cotton for contouring comfort
•Side paneling is a tough twill style organic cotton for durability and long life
•Renowned for its comfort, organic cotton is a biodegradable and a renewable resource
•The American Sleep Collection Organic Mattress meets and exceeds Consumer Products Safety Commission Standards
•Cover is removable and washable under the following conditions: cold water, gentle cycle, mild detergent, hang/line dry. No wringing, bleaching or ironing

My wife and I still plan to go to Saavy Rest next week, but until I get her feedback I will continue to look at other options in the event she does not like the Saavy Rest/Sleep EZ option.


Hi Sleeplessbwj,

Yes … I am quite familiar with this mattress. It is basically a 9" natural Dunlop latex mattress that has a wool/cotton quilting. It is one of the better values at Sams Club although again it is not quite in the same value range (although it is much closer) to some of the similar all latex options available from some of the members of the site that are listed in post #21 here. Many of these can be customized either before or after purchase and also have a good return policy as well rather than being an “all or nothing type of purchase”.

It is made by Innomax and is called the “White Night” and a google search will bring up other outlets that sell it as well.

Most people will find it on the firm side (although not all) and because it is Dunlop latex … the specs (which indicate quite soft) may be a little misleading when it comes to how it feels.

It is one of the better options at Sams Club IMO