Anatomic Global Rejuvigel - Question

Hello all,
My wife and I have been searching for a new mattress and recently came across the Anatomic Global Rejuvigel Deluxe mattress at a local retailer. We really like the feel of the bed but decided to do some research. Information about the layers, foam density, and such are not available on the Anatomic global website or anywhere else I could find in a Google search. In fact, there are surprisingly few results for this brand. The bed is selling for $1799 (King Size - including foundation) at the store and at the very few online stores I could find that sell it, it’s about the same price. It seems like a good bed, but we are a little worried on how it will hold up in the long term.

Luckily I found this site and the great information it provides. A search on Anatomic global here helped me to learn that Anatomic global does seem to have a quality reputation (the company seems to be owned or partially owned by FXI) but doesn’t seem to like giving out material specs, just as I’ve experienced. A search for “Rejuvigel” here didn’t turn up anything so I’m not sure about this particular bed.

One curious thing I found during some other research is that FXI actually owns the comfort dreams brand sold by They sell a “Gel-Infused Mattress” that has almost the exact description of the 13 inch version of the Rejuvigel . I wonder if this is the exact same mattress as the 13 inch Rujivigel, except for maybe the look of the cover. Curiously, the picture of the mattress looks photoshopped. It sells for only $710.

In any case, I was just wondering if anyone might have the specifications on the Rujivigel line or any insight on the quality. I’m still navigating the vast information on this site and considering going another route. Buying online is tempting, considering the value available. We sure would like to try the bed at all possible though. If you happen to know any good outlets/wholesalers in the Rockwall/Plano/Dallas, Texas area please let me know (my zip is 75032).

Thanks to all on this site who post information and answer questions. It’s invaluable to our search for better sleep!


Hi Craig9939,

Anatomic global is an unusual brand because even though they are owned by FXI and you would think that they would be the first to provide the information you needed about foam density … they only seem to be sporadically available. The rejuvigel line is fairly new and only came out late last year so there is not a lot of information available about it. Because they are not usually the best value available … if you are dealing with a retailer that isn’t able to find out the foam density I would tend to pass them by unless there is a particularly compelling reason not to and make a blind purchase (their memory foam would very likely be 4 lbs or above). Without this information though … you won’t be able to make any meaningful comparisons or really know its relative quality/durability and the odds are high that the price you pay will not be in the “best value” range compared to many other similar mattresses that use the same or better materials.

As you mentioned Comfort Dreams is also owned by FXI but is likely much lower quality memory foam and less of it than the Rejuvigel even though the descriptions appear similar. The only thing they do mention is that it contains 3.5 lb memory foam which is lower quality than I would be comfortable with. I would be very confident that they are not the same mattress but I also wouldn’t buy the Comfort Dreams unless they disclosed all the details of its construction.

Some of the better online memory foam sources I’m aware of are listed in post #12 here.

Some of the better options in the Dallas/Fort Worth area are listed in post #4 here. there are some good options available in the area.



Thanks so much for the informative and helpful answer. We are leaning away from the Anatomic Global bed. We stopped by two of the places you had mentioned in your referenced post that are close to our house. We ended up liking the Restonic All Latex Healthrest Bliss Firm bed at Stacy Furniture. The price was close to $3000 for this bed though which is above what we can spend. We will probably try to look at all latex beds online and see if we can find something that has a similar feel and quality to this for a lower price. Do you have any suggestions? The retailer provided us the following ILD ratings for the Healthrest Bliss Firm:

1 1/4" 1.2 ILD
1" 30 ILD
1" 24 ILD
1" 24 ILD
1" 19 ILD
1" 24 ILD
4" 30 ILD

Thanks again!


Hi Craig99,

The Restonic you are looking at has 9" of blended Talalay latex and the top 1.25" is quilting polyfoam 1.2 lb density which is inside the guidelines (around an inch or so) of lower quality materials that I would consider acceptable for use in a quilting layer.

While it may be better quality/value than most mainstream manufacturers … it’s also not in the same value range as many local manufacturers or many online choices. You certainly have other latex options available locally particularly from some of the local manufacturers where value is often better. Of course you would need to test these to see how they compared to the Restonic in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and personal preferences).

If you do choose to include online options in your search then the members here that sell online are listed in post #21 here and many of these also sell latex mattresses. You won’t be able to directly translate your experience on the Restonic mattress into something that will be comparable in terms of PPP because the designs are very different (even though the materials may be the same) but many of the online choices also have mattresses with 9" of latex which would make a good “value comparison” and your experience on the Restonic may be useful to include as part of your conversation when you are talking to them about your layering choice. Many of the online manufacturers have the ability to choose the firmness level of one or more layers when you purchase and many also have the option of re-arranging or exchanging layers if you need to make changes after you have slept on your mattress.

I would probably start with some of the local manufacturers (after talking with them on the phone) and then look at any of the online manufacturers that most interest you as a comparison so you can eiminate the worst options and are making final choices between “all good options”.



Having read extensively about mattresses on this site and elsewhere, I thought I had achieved some basic grasp of the theory of mattress design. At least I’m pretty sure I know more about the subject than the average salesperson at a national mattress chain store. Of course, that’s really “damning with faint praise.”

In any case, looking at the specs of the Restonic All Latex Healthrest Bliss Firm bed as described by Craig9939 in post #3 above, I am flummoxed. The layering of this mattress seems illogical, chaotic and without purpose. Am I missing something here?

I have no interest in buying this mattress, but it could be a key to something incomplete in my “beducation” (to borrow a term).

Thanks for any input – Bedimpediment

Hi Bedimpediment,

I agree with you that this is somewhat of an unusual or “haphazard” design but in essence it’s 4" of soft Talalay over a 4" base (on the soft side but thinner which would firm it up) with a “dominating” 1" 30 ILD layer on top (to create a firmer surface but with enough contouring softness below it) and then a quilting layer for “surface or hand feel” on top.

There may be people where this type of layering is “perfect” when it’s broken down to its essence but I do agree it’s a little unusual.

It’s also possible that the description isn’t accurate.