Anyone have an ORGANIC mattress from SleepEZ?

I am seeking feedback on their organic covers. The website says that they are quilted to wool & describes it as “4 way stretch cotton”:

We are seeking just the cover, and sleepez is one of a few places that sells them separately.

Feedback please :slight_smile: We are trying to “imagine” how this quilted cover (or one like it) will affect the feel of our latex mattress.

Hi Buttercup,

There are a few comments about the SleepEz organic cover here and some general comments here about how a quilted cover can affect the “feel” and performance of the layers below it in post #6 here.

Hopefully some of the members here that have personal experience with their organic cover will see your post and also share their thoughts although of course “feel” can be very subjective and relative to each person’s body type, sleeping positions, and individual experience.

Of course they would be more knowledgeable than anyone about how their organic cover would affect different latex mattress designs than anyone and a phone call with them may be your best source of more detailed information of all.


We bought a 13,000 with the organic mattress cover from SleepEZ and love it. :cheer:

What layer configuration did you end up with?