Anyone own a techno gel mattress?

Hi - head spinning with choices… Have pretty well decided that since sleep quite hot we want either latex or techno gel. Healthy Back people helpful and seemed sincere - the techno gel is great but sooooooo much money. I am not opposed to shelling out for a great mattress but they seem quite new and I would like to hear someone’s actual experiences over a few weeks or months. Also considering the HB bliss essence . This site seems to be the most useful :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi territwin,

I don’t have personal experience with the Technogel because it’s still in fairly limited distribution but I will say that I would have a hard time justifying the price as well unless there was something about it that was clearly superior to your other options and not just a small difference.

As you may know I have only good to say about the knowledge and service of Healthy Back and I’m glad they are carrying it for those where nothing else will do. I would have a hard time justifying a mattress that was over twice the price of some similar thickness all latex mattresses unless there was a very clear difference between them. If a latex mattress (or any other material) can get someone to 90% of their “ideal” in terms of needs and preferences (including temperature regulation) … then would an extra 5% improvement (I doubt that any mattress would meet all of someones changing needs and preferences all of the time which would be 100%) really be worth it?

For me the answer would be no unless I couldn’t meet my ideal any other way or unless for some reason my needs were so specialized that there were really no other good choices.

Of course these are just my own thoughts based on my own sense of “value” but I thought I’d share them FWIW.

Even the PLB lineup including the Bliss Essence is a little on the pricey side compared to other all talalay options (even though they wouldn’t match it exactly) but at least it’s in the range of better value and it’s certainly better than any major brand or chain store types of choices that can cost much more and have lower quality and performing materials.

I’d love to hear your feedback though about any more specific differences that you felt in terms of pressure relief, alignment, or “feel” between the two until I get the chance to try it myself. In terms of “coolness” … I would have a hard time imagining that the gel would be much if any cooler than the Celsion that was in the top layer of the Essence.


Many thx for the thoughtful response - will keep u posted