Are zoned coils necessary?

I have narrowed down my choices to 3 (maybe 4) companies. What I’m needing to understand at this point is zoned coils. I am a petite woman 5’, 115lbs. Do I really need zoned coils? Is there a reason for them or against them for someone my size?

I am looking at hybrids with a Dunlop layer. I am also wondering about the two sided hybrid from Sleep EZ. Why would I need a two sided mattress? Once I know I prefer medium (which isn’t offered by them) why would I need two different sides?

My other options at this point are Spindle 10" hybrid, the Arizona Premium hybrid (with lumbar support which I’m not too sure if I really need), and the Latex for Less hybrid 12", does this one have a zippered cover to change out the layer if necessary?

Hours and hours of research for months now and I’m tired. Any information to help me make my decision would be appreciated.
And if there is a company I missed I’m happy to take that information too and do some more research!
Thank you.

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Hi Idael,

Well it seems you have narrowed your search down a bit, very nice job. You are on your way!

Zoned coils are coils that provide different levels of support for different parts of the body, helping to keep the spine aligned and relieve pressure points. Do you need them? Maybe, maybe not. They certainly have their functionality and work to relieve pressure areas and keep you in alignment.

I look at it this way as you mention should someone petite like yourself need them. My opinion is, what would it matter what size you are. For example, if someone 250lbs wants a firm mattress, they may not pick the same exact firm mattress as you would at 115lbs or vice versa. Imagine you picked a mattress that had a comfort layer with an ILD of 19. You lay on it and immediately you say, eh, this is way too firm for me. Anyone looking at the specs would say, what, that mattress is leaning towards the medium to medium soft side. But you are 115lbs so it seems firm to you. If someone like myself or that 250lb person lies on it, you might see his body sinking into the mattress because…to him it seems way too soft, he may be happier in a 36 to 44 ILD in order to lay flat on top of the mattress.

Zoned coils are there to support different areas of the body respectively based on your PPP’s and comfort levels. Perhaps the bottom area has a bit more padding and you have had mattresses sag in that area previously. Perhaps it may have been too soft of a comfort layer, not enough support from your none zoned support layer or a combination of both. We could talk about all the technical aspects of zoning, but at it’s most basic level, this is it.

So, when I was looking for a new mattress, one of my requirements was it had to be flippable. Why? I am not quite sure. Well, I was, I am just not quite certain my logic was correct. Hopefully when @Arizona_Premium or @Spindle_Mattress chime in, they will rescue me. In any case, I thought I was getting more mattress for my money. None of the mattresses that were two sided cost twice as much. To me, what a bargain, if one side wears out, I can just flip it and get another ### of years, for less that twice the price, way less, seems like a bargain to me. The other thing for me was. I think the concept of my spring layer in the middle surrounded by my comfort layer on both sides, with quilted cover/panel layers on both sides, seemed like it would produce a sturdier more durable mattress, provided those layers were better quality. That logic made sense in my mind. Single sided mattresses although very popular these days and when quality materials are used, can be quite good, but only as good as one side of my two sided mattress. Seems like a win for the mattress company, not me the end user. Kind of like the Wendy’s Commercial “Wheres the Beef?” (if you are too young to know that commercial here it is Where’s the Beef Where is the other side of my mattress that was always there when I was a kid growing up.

Now as for which mattress to choose? Coke or Pepsi, oops wrong commercial, @Spindle_Mattress, @Arizona_Premium, @Sleep_EZ or @Latex_Mattress_Fact1 . All of these manufacturers are here because they offer the best quality materials, service, advice and reputation for being transparent about what they sell. They are real folks who have to deal with you as a consumer face to face if their advice fails to meet your expectations and they will aim to please when, on the slim chance it isn’t perfect the first time around, they are all the types that will work with you to make it right.

Are there more companies out there that you missed. Yep! Do you want to drive yourself to exhaustion? I doubt it. You could probably continue down the list of Trusted Members here at TMU and keep spinning those wheels.

I am sure you would be happy and comfortable with most any of our TM’s. You have to do what is best for you and listen to what each has to say, how they say it, and who you feel most comfortable with in the end.

Lets see how that will work itself out.


Norm, Thanks so much for your detailed reply again. I really appreciate your input here.
As to the zoned coils, since I am short the zones don’t really fit me. I’ve found in my experience that the ‘average’ height is much taller than me and ‘average’ never works for me. I’m leaning towards no zones because of this. Some companies don’t really clearly say if their coils are zoned or not so I will have to make some phone calls.
I see this as a little different than firmness, which I totally get will be different for two people of different weight. That makes a lot of sense.

As as for the flippable mattress, I am still unsure that it makes sense. I mean if you like the firm side why would you switch to the soft side later? That’s two extremes. IF it had firm/medium or medium/soft it might make more sense to me. I love a deal and yes, getting two sides for the price of one sounds great, but the flippable one does not have a medium side, which is what I’d prefer. I do like the idea of the sturdier and more durable mattress with the comfort layers on both sides. I have to think about this idea some more. Perhaps Arizona Sleep EZ can make the mattress with a medium side instead of the soft side for me? I’d have to call and ask. And I’m not sure if their mattress cover is zippered or closed.

I’ve made myself a spreadsheet and am making comparisons. Some of the info is missing in the boxes and I’ll need to call to get more details. I just send an email to Spindle and got back a response that confused me. I asked about weight of mattress, weight limit on the mattress and ILD of their latex and they said they couldn’t give me the answers at the moment. It didn’t seem like a stock email, so I am going to wait until Tuesday and see if someone can really answer those questions for me.

I hope maybe some of the experts chime in after the long holiday weekend. I’m eager to hear any responses. And then start making the calls to get a feel for the companies. Then I must just make a choice and buy!
Thanks again Norm.

I happen to see this as I am running out the door. Flippable mattresses dont always have different firmness on each side. Actually, most are the same on both sides. Mattresses were made with two sides for decades. I think it makes a better mattress, provided the materials are quality materials as with the TM brands you are looking at.
Great Job with the spread sheet! That is an excellent way to compare. Weird about the Spindle response, perhaps there was not an expert available to answer the question as it is the weekend.
Hopefully, some of the others will chime in. Don’t over think the flippable mattress. In the long run, it is better as long as all of the particulars are there.

All the best,

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I absolutely remember mattresses that were flippable and both sides were the same. I just am not seeing many of those on the websites, or maybe I’ve missed them because it wasn’t really what I was looking for. I see the one from Sleep EZ and I saw one more that had a pillow top on it. I’m also really wanting Dunlop over Talalay and maybe that has knocked out some contenders. Can you point me in the direction of another flippable or diy that would be coils and latex? Thanks.

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I am trying to go by memory, but as I remember them I will shoot them to you.

Well, that looks like a lovely mattress, unfortunately, way out of my price range. And their website is confusing, I kept reading it earlier, the description says dunlop, and then below when they explain the components it says talalay. One more than one mattress. Oh well, out of my range.

Also remember, TM’s like @My_Green_Mattress will make you a two sided mattress with pocketed coils and dunlop on both sides of equal firmness. I am quite certain that the companies you narrowed down to can do this also, you may have to query them and ask.

Oh, cool, I’ll have to look at them again. Somehow I missed that.
This is the mattress I used to have Latex & Comfort Coil Mattress — Sachi Organics

Just for reference.

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Ah, I remember why I keep throwing My Green Mattress out of my choices, the tufting and buttons. That won’t work for me. Otherwise I think their mattress looks great.

Also consider that most of the folks, @Arizona_Premium, @Sleep_EZ, @Latex_Mattress_Fact1 and other should be able to make you a two sided mattress with a pocketed coil support layer and upper and lower dunlop layers to your liking. These folks are professionals and manufacture their mattresses an should be able to customize them for you. As mentioned, @My_Green_Mattress even states in their mattress descriptions, if you need a two sided mattress, just call them and they will custom make it for you.

OK thanks. I guess I’d just better call at this point and stop reading. Wheels are spinning and not going anywhere. Have a great day.

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I am not certain why many of the sites do not speak about two sided mattresses. I know the industry took a turn some years back with the single sided mattresses in the 1990’s really started to present themselves. Most can argue this was to save money and reduce longevity to increase sales. Which is no doubt true. Like with most things, if someone is willing to pay for a mattress with two sides, why not just offer them. No one is going to do that without the added cost of the second side. Certainly it provides the option for two different comfort levels and allows for the same comfort level on both sides, much like what you are looking for, knowing it will ask a small additional cost, but provide for a mattress that will live twice as long. Makes sense to me. One benefit though, not having to flip a heavy king mattress is a user friendly concept, but if for a nominal amount more, I would figure a way to flip that thing!

I am not sure how all the manufacturers see it, but always love hearing their take on it.

Dont give up,

Zoned coils provide more support in the lumbar area which is a plus for back or stomach sleepers, not side sleepers as your hip will most likely line up on the firmer zoned area. Non zoned coils work best for side sleepers which is why we carry the Leggett and Platt Quantum Edge Elite Bolsa coil. So it just depends on your favorite sleeping position. At 115 lbs you really don’t need the zoning no matter what your favorite sleeping position is.


Thank you Arizona Premium. I appreciate your response. As a side sleeper/combo sleeper this is what I was thinking. I’m happy to hear from you. I will have to go back and look at your website for your hybrid. I can’t remember which coils are in that one.

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Could I purchase the Ultimate hybrid and switch out the coils for the Bolsa coil? Still trying to figure this all out. Thanks.

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Yes but the better way would be to get the Eco Sleep with the Bolsa upgrade and upgrade the latex topper to All natural Talalay or Dunlop.

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