Avoid Luma Sleep (if they're even still in business)

I wanted to let you know about our Luma Sleep experience, and that their website has disappeared.

After a lot of research, we purchased one of their all-latex options with thicker talalay topper in January 2022, along with a high-quality bed frame with appropriate slats for this type of mattress. It didn’t take long for it to show signs of sinking, and a little past a year and a half, it was so bad it was giving me and my wife serious back pain. Our “cheaper big brand” mattresses have all lasted significantly longer than this, but we decided to “go big” on the spending to get a mattress that would hopefully last us a long time.

Once it got bad, it was bad. You didn’t have to measure anything; you could see how horribly it was sinking, and we are not big or heavy people (175 lbs and 115 lbs, again, in about a year and a half). Here’s what it looked like after about a year and a half:

I contacted them and sent photos. After several back and forth emails, contact became sporadic. More follow ups and they eventually offered to send a replacement topper, which they did in late November. It seemed like it might help for a bit, but you can already feel it sinking again because the mattress itself is what was sinking, along with the topper, and my back hurts again. We’ve had the new topper for one month.

I went to review their warranty policy on their site again and found that for a month or so now it no longer exists (doesn’t load if you type in the domain or click on links, and it no longer shows up as results on Google). I just wanted you all to be aware since they are listed on several places on this site and forum, among other places. Based on my recent experience, it seems users should be avoiding them (if they can even get in touch with them).

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Hi StillDark,
All I can say to that picture is WOW! What a mess. If the underlying mattress was worn down, the support or foundation was bad or any combination of all of it, nothing was going to save your mattress system. There is no topper that was going to solve that situation. A mattress is only as good as its weakest link. Once one layer goes, that is it for the mattress. Unless it happens to be a comfort layer that can be swapped out.

If you take a look at this article, Luma Sleep Winding Down Operations you will see that they are no longer in business. There website doesnt work either. Unfortunately, the only solution is going to be a new mattress.

If you do some research, if there is any pending litigation or some other brand that took over their operations that will honor warranties, that would be the only hope. Otherwise, sad to say, this one is a loss.

Sorry this has happened during the holiday season, like all other things, there is no good time for an unexpected expense to hit the ledger sheet.

Hopefully, you find a new solution.
All the best and happy holidays

Hi Norm,

Thank you for the reply and info. It’s an unfortunate situation, for sure. With two small kids, we aren’t typically in a financial situation to splurge on a large purchase for ourselves, but we received a larger than expected tax return last year and decided “a good night’s sleep” for the long term after being out of the newborn phase with child #2 was a sound investment. That was the plan, anyway, and the entire reason I went with this system was for longevity.

I’ve checked the slats under the bed and there is no noticeable sagging on either side. The bed design has an extremely solid center rail with post/foot underneath that supports the slats across the entire length head to toe, so they are only “unsupported” for less than half the width of the bed on each side, which is a nice design. I recall checking with Luma before purchasing the frame by sending them specs and measurements of the slats, materials, and spacing and all that to ensure it was appropriate for the all-latex system. Again, the whole point of this purchase was longevity [smacks forehead…].

As I said, it’s an unfortunate situation having such an expensive investment be detrimental to our health in well under two years. We don’t really have the money to replace it at this point, but I woke up this morning feeling like my back was going to break, which prompted this post. Not sure how we’ll handle it, but I wanted to ensure others were aware of the situation since it was unclear to me at the time. Thank you for clearing it up.

Now we get to decide if it’s worth taking a chance on another high-dollar mattress system when we eventually find the money to replace the Luma. I have to say, this experience compared to past experiences with big name mattresses makes me hesitant. We could have purchased at least two new big name mattresses on good deals for the price of this system, and even if those only lasted a few years each, it would have been at least four times longer combined than this one. I’m seriously frustrated right now.

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Yeah, I hear ya. One thing is, spending more doesn’t always get you a better, more comfortable, longer lasting mattress. Companies like DLX, Flexus Comfort, even my mattress company, Brooklyn Bedding make some very exceptional quality mattresses for modest pricing.

Lets see what we can come up with for you!

What are your preferences and criteria?

I know it sucks, but when i look at that picture you posted, i just have to shake my head. Other than putting a piece of plywood and a 3 inch topper on that “luma should be ashamed of mess” its a new mattress.

Sorry for the bad news,

Sorry about that

Start over

Thank you again for the reply, Norm. I’m not yet sure when we’ll be able to replace this mattress (as I said, that was supposed to be our one big long-term purchase, so we’re not in a place where we can buy another one at the moment), but I’ll definitely reach out when the time comes. I hate the idea of purchasing something that I know is made from inferior materials (I did a lot of research before purchasing the Luma), but this experience has certainly left a bad taste in my mouth for “spending more to get something better”, at least in this industry. It’s a shame because that was a huge purchase for us. Ah well, life goes on.

Thanks. That’s all I can do when the budget allows. For now, we’ll just deal with the back pain until I can figure out how to make it work with a replacement. We’re not in any worse spot than we were before we bought it (minus four figures in our bank account). Advil to the rescue haha.

PS - I know I’m whining, but I’m just frustrated and venting.

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Is there any way to flip the mattress upside down in any way and put the topper under the upside down mattress and salvage it in some way? Think outside the box!

I haven’t looked at the bottom of the mattress recently to see if it’s “flippable”, but I’ll take a look and give it a shot if it is! Certainly can’t hurt at this point if the bottom is the same as the top (I imagine it might be since it’s a 100% latex mattress, but I’m also no expert here, so I won’t assume). Thanks for the suggestion!

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I didnt check which luma and what the layers are made with. Dunlop, latex thickness of each layer. I didnt do that research. But if its all latex, regardless of which, it will probably be firmer upside down as it is most likely dunlop as the support layer, and the bottom of the dunlop layer will be more dense than the upper part of that same layer. So you may find it a bit firmer when you flip it, but it cant be worse than what it is now.

Thanks! We just removed the topper and flipped it I noticed there are two layers: roughly 2/3 to 3/4 bottom layer, then a thinner top layer of a similar or same material (all with swiss cheese holes in them, some bigger and some smaller diameters). All back together and it seems to feel a little bit firmer now even with the topper on it, so we’ll see how it goes. As you said, can’t be any worse! Thanks again for the idea. :+1:

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You never know! It just may buy you the time you need. Especially at this time of the year. Those are the pin core holes from the latex mold process. It allows the latex to breathe more and dissipate heat.

Having a very similar experience with our 2 year old Luma sleep all latex bed :pensive:

The photo from the original poster is highly unusual for any mattress even ones using defective materials. I realize that it is a hassle, but we’d encourage anyone with a mattress looking like this to test it on the floor. Based on our experience, about 75% of the time, when the mattress looks this bad—especially with a strong ridge in the middle and trenches running head to foot—the support is part of the problem. It might not be the whole problem, but it is part of the equation.

Yes, there is a chance that putting it on the floor won’t fix it, but it rules that out. We have seen firsthand people with $5000 bed frames that provide inadequate support. The slats look flat and supportive, but once the mattress is applied, they can’t support the weight. With some reinforcements, the problem is resolved. We had a friend of a friend come to the shop who had spent over $5000 on a high-end latex mattress that was sagging after 5 years. He was looking to buy a new bed, and we suggested the floor test. We found out that he needed a heavy-duty bed frame and foundation, and his problem was fixed.

Yes, we can tell you about people for whom this didn’t work, but it is less common than when it does fix the problem. Your mileage may vary, but it is worth a shot.

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