Comparable mattress to Luma Original

We bought an Original Luma twin mattress in medium for our child along with a Helix plush topper about a year ago and it’s about perfect. It’s time to replace our mattress and we wanted another Luma, but they canceled the order because they couldn’t fulfill it. I’d love some suggestions on a Hybrid with similar feel, but it has to ship to Canada, and I don’t want to spend a fortune. DIY is not something I want to do. Nothing with zoned coils, either. I was considering the Kiwi, but I’m concerned that Dunlop will be too firm.

I’m a combo side & back sleeper, 140lbs
Partner is combo all positions, and 170lbs.


Hi lvjlt, and welcome to the Mattress Underground :slight_smile:

Sorry your Luma order was cancelled; Luma was a Trusted Member of the site forr try many years, and it’s great you have enjoyed the mattress you purchased last year. Unfortunately, @Luma Sleep is now winding down and will soon be suspending operations (Though they will be honoring warranties for the time being).

As you can see by comparing the Mattress Specifications You Need To Know to the Mattress Durability Guidelines, latex is one of the most durable materials you can have in a mattress; you are correct that different types of latex rubber have different ‘feel’; Talalay is considered ‘bouncier’ than Dunlop (think of the difference between angel food cake and pound cake). If possible, you might want to check out all latex mattresses if both types in local retail showrooms to see how they feel for you both, and if a medium firm Dunlop Latex does feel too firm.

As you may know, any mattress you both find ideal will be based on your Stats (Height, BMI, sleeping position(s) and any underlying health conditions) - thanks for providing those! - and PPP (Posture & alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences)…as you both are lower BMI, the comfort level of the mattress will be a more subjective choice, as sleepers without complex support needs tend to have more freedom on types of materials and mattresses more focused on comfort.

Once you determine if you prefer Dunlop latex or Talalay latex, you can better decide your options. The @My_Green_Mattress Kiwi Organic Hybrid is a very solid well built mattress, and they also have very generous exchange and return policies, which may remove some of the trepidation you may have with online ordering. Another Trusted Member of the site, GhostBed Canada has retail partners throughout Canada (you are I believe in the Toronto area?) like Sleep Country Canada, Ashley Homestores, and National Mattress Outlet Plus, who all carry a variety of GhostBed mattresses you can try out in person. In addition, quite of few of the Trusted Members of the site ship to, or are located in Canada, like Evrbed with their Evrbed Hybrid, also there’s SnugSleep, Restmore and MFC, and if you want new quality bedding and linens for your new mattress, there’s Takasa, so you indeed have a number of options to find your next ideal mattress…I wish success for you in your mattress buying journey!

~ Basilio

Thank you for the tips! I was pretty impressed with MGM’s return/exchange policy, and it has me pretty convinced so far. I’m actually in Montreal. Do you happen to know of any places in this city to try out latex mattresses?

Hi lvjlt,

Toutes mes excuses pour l’hypothosee! (And sorry for my basic French as well!) Unfortunately, with all the business turnover in the last few years, we are unable to provide geographic lists of retailers and manufacturers.
There is a company called Obasan in Ottowa that many forum members have had positive experiences with over the years, though they are a bit of distance from you. You can also do a forum search for Montreal to see if there’s any information for you in more recent threads!

An internet search lists a number of Montreal manufacturers and retailers who carry latex, but none I’m familiar with….but any well made quality latex mattress will have support and should last many years. Once you determine the firmness that feels best for you, you will have a bit more freedom to consider prices, distances, and other options. Possibly others of our Canadian forum members can also chime in with their experiences as well. Please feel free to share your experiences once you have found that ideal mattress, in case others are searching for the same thing going forward!

~ Basilio