Back to memory foam, please help.

So I have decided to go back to memory foam since I find that it is most comfortable for me.

I have been through all mattress types within the last four years and have found that memory foam is most comfortable and a bit hot. I purchased a ultimate dreams 12" mattress, (not the 13") and find that it is a bit firm. Has anyone placed latex over memory foam? I was thinking that a 32ild from FBM may slightly soften the mattress and give a little “air” to it. I did put a 2" bergad topper that I had in the closet from when I was trying to soften up my sealy extra firm that was dying a few years back and wow what a soft a$$$ heat trap that turned out to be. I am unsure if even putting a 1" latex may turn out too soft or not be enough latex to mitigate the slight heat issue. Any insight?

Hi alanx002,

The type of mattress and materials that each person prefers is entirely a personal preference and you will find that there are always people who love a particular design and some people who don’t like the same design at all but a thinner layer of latex over memory foam is certainly a “feel” that some people like and I am one of them. It gives a more resilient surface where you don’t sink “in” the upper layers as much while still having some of the “feel” of the memory foam underneath it. The specific type of memory foam can be important because any layer of material over memory foam can reduce the heat that reaches it and make the memory foam firmer or at least slow down the time it takes to soften with the body heat.

I would be cautious with buying any latex from FBM and before you make any purchase there I would read post #2 here and post #2 here.

Latex is very different from memory foam and comes in a wide range of firmness levels (unlike memory foam which is all in the soft range). 32 ILD would be on the firm side for many people although the thickness of the topper will also determine how much of the layers below it you feel. There are some topper guidelines in post #8 here and the posts it links to that may be helpful. There is also more about the many factors that can affect sleeping temperature that may be helpful in post #2 here.


Thanks for the heads up about FBM, sometimes I think with my wallet.
This site is just full of a whole wealth of information.
I wish is that I could have found a good flippable extra firm mattress locally and just popped my 5lb topper on it. I still don’t trust that the one sided mattress will last as long as a two sided. I had a Serta perfect day that sagged terribly after 2 1/2 years so maybe that was proof enough for me. That mattress from top to bottom was as followed: 1" ticking/poly, 1" latex,1" memory foam, 4’’ of poly foam and then 6" springs. The 4" of poly was probably the culprit. The reason I bring up the serta is that I have been sleeping on latex over memory/poly foam for 2 1/2 years and never had heat issues.
Thanks for the suggestions for topper companies I’ll find one with a good return policy and buy 1 inch fold it in 2 and see if i prefer 1 or 2 inch and go from there. I am 6’3" and 210 lbs so I will go with a 22- 28 ild talalay

Alan X

Hi alanx002,

You’re almost certainly right about this and the “weak link” of most mattresses is the quality of the foam in the upper layers There is very high quality durable polyfoam and much lower quality polyfoam. Unfortunately the major brands tend to use the lower density/durability versions.

Your choice sounds very reasonable to me because it will also allow you to test the effect of different thicknesses of latex including how it affects the memory foam below it.

As far as I know … the two sources that sell 1" Talalay layers are Sleep Like a Bear and KTT Enterprises.

I’m looking forward to hearing about your results.