Begging for help. Just can't get it right!

Been following this site for years. Learned a valuable lesson when I bought my first nice mattress without testing it in person. I did a ton of reading on this page, went to one of the trusted vendors and tried out a few of their mattresses as a replacement, thought I had the perfect match and I was wrong and then wrong again and then wrong again…

The first mattress I bought was a hybrid mattress with 3in of foam on top. It felt so comfortable, but after a full nights sleep, my lower back was SO tight I could barley bend over and get back up.

I went back to the location, talked with the owner and decided to get the model that had 3in of foam, but slightly firmer coils in the center where your hips rest. This felt pretty darn good at the store, but after a few months of trying it out, my hips were sore. Not sore like before, but sore like it was not soft enough and was causing pressure on my hips (side sleeper).

Drove the 1hr again after talking to their online support, tried out their mattress that had the same coils as the first one, but only 2in of foam on top. Thought to be a happy medium between the two I tried before. Once again after a few months of using this my hips are sore. Again more like a pressure sore and I felt like my sleep was very inconsistent as a result. I was tried ALL the time.

At this point, I decided maybe I try a topper. I decided on a 3in memory foam from Costco that a lot of the reviews said help with pressure in the hips on their too hard mattress… I bet you can guess what happened next. Yup, My lower back and hips are so tight, I was uncomfortable. Last night I moved first to the floor and then to the spare room…

I am past the 365 sleep trial at this point and I’ve tried the majority of the vendors mattresses… I am just not sure what to do now and it is stressing me out. I need a good nights rest and I am just not getting it. I’ve also invested a lot of money getting it right, so that hurts too.

Any ideas what to do from here?

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Hi djdanko.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum. :slight_smile:

It would be helpful to know a bit about your body composition? Are you taller/leaner? Heavier in the hips/squarer in the hips?

Is the mattress Talalay or Dunlop? Do you know if it’s soft/medium/firm?

Is the pain strictly in the hips, or in the back as well?


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I am active and lean. About 5’8" 170-175lbs. Wide shoulds. Pain now is mostly hip, but eventually my lower back gets tight.

From what I am reading the current one is 2 inches 55 100% Natural Latex.

Try Shovlin Mattress we researched for 2 years trying everything , their Nirvana is truly the Best

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