Best Comforters and Sheet set for Latex mattress.

Hi Phoenix,

I would like to know if you have any suggestions for good durable comforters and as well Sheet sets for a King Size Latex Mattress.


Hi ashwinivin,

While it’s not my area of expertise … there is more information about comforters in the posts and topics that are linked in post #3 here.

There is also more information about the different types of sheets and bedding in post #7 here and the other posts and sources of information it links to that should be helpful as well.


Hi ashwinivin,
I enjoy the comfort of new mulberry silk comforter. I got from a dealer at Costco. Its lighter than a feather comforter, and draws away moisture to keep me cool all night long.

Hope this help


We’re considering the Cozy Pure line of bedding for our latex mattress.

Cozy Pure is a member of The Underground.

I contacted the Mulberry Silk Company and they informed me that their products are
manufactured in China. That’s good info to have before you buy.

Thanks for the info guys! Here’s what I’ve found on the net in reference to the type of materials used in comforters and how they perform.

Papamike, I’ve been to cozy pure and have tried their comforters while shopping around for Latex Mattress. I felt it was really good, but I always intend to do my research before buying anything to avoid the buyers remorse. has some good options to look at too.

Also, another important thing I’m looking for is Durability, I think I read it somewhere on the forum that these Natural Fibres Wool and Silk are highly durable but don’t know or haven’t researched much on Aplaca and Down.

Correct me if I’m wrong, From my research (Basic), it feels like WOOL comforters are ALL-Season than compared to others and could be a good bang for the buck, in my opinion.

Shall let you guys know once I narrow down my options.

Hi ashwinivin,

In very general terms I would agree with this because wool tends to work well in a wider temperature range than other natural fibers although it will also depend on the type and thickness of the wool in the comforter because some sheep species produce much finer wool than others.

With proper care any natural fiber comforter will be very durable and long lasting.

The article you linked also includes some good comparison information as well … and I appreciate you adding it to your post :slight_smile:


I agree. I’ll take a look at

Thank you!

I want let you guys know that I went ahead with the wool bed company for comforters and Len Linum for the Linen sheet set.

Hi ashwinivin,

It sounds like you made some very nice choices and I hope you have the chance to share your comments and feedback about them once you receive them.


They feel very goodt! Attaches are the pictures of Linens. I bought them on Ebay through a vendor called Len Linum.

I tried attaching the pics but it says “File size exceeded”

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The maximum file sizes for attachments are in the help section here so you will need to resize them. If you aren’t familiar with how to do that then if you send them to me (my email is in the contact link in the top right of the page) and I can resize them and attach them to your post for you.


Will try doing that! Thanks!