Best Mattress For Side Sleepers

Hi all - side sleeper waking up with hip flexor and lower back pain. Need a new one asap!

Used the standard rankings, sleep foundations/sleepopolis, etc…rankings seem to point to helix, nectar, dream cloud hybrids for me. Went to Mattress Firm, the guy claimed “online mattresses” are cheap/all same and I should go for a Certa Iseries hybrid or Sleepys hybrid (also said quality of material much better).

Thoughts/suggestions? Budget up to 1500, medium firm.

Thanks, AC

Go with latex from SleepEZ or Arizona Premium Mattress.

Be careful with Mattress Firm. The mattress is returnable, but the adjustable base and pillows are not. They gloss over that a lot.


I haven’t heard of that one, will look it up. Any knowledge on the whole Nectar, Helix, Dreamcloud group? Do they belong in the top ratings or all advertising (as the mattress firm rep claimed?)

Nectar and Dreamcloud are under the same ownership with many models being manufactured in China along with numerous reports of very poor customer service. Of course there are some that are happy with their products but the negatives seem to heavily outweigh the positives. Helix is now owned by Brooklyn Bedding with their products built and shipped from the BB manufacturing facility. They’d be a clear step above the Nectar and Dreamcloud brands and are all built in the US.

Sleepy’s is a house brand of Mattress Firm, and the iSeries are from Serta. The problem with those brands is that they lack transparency and don’t generally provide details on their construction to allow you to assess their quality and durability.

Hope that helps,

  • Bill

Wow, exactly the kind of information I was looking for Bill (and welcome to anyone else sharing similar type of info!). Do you have any recommendations that are in my budget (1-1500 ish, perhaps I can go higher with 4th deals). Maybe some brands this community seems to generally support?

My mattress is pretty old so I am hoping to find something soon!

Be aware that many new mattresses have specific foundation requirements. Make sure your current foundation is adequate for any mattress you decide on, or considering adding a new foundation to your shopping.

I don’t normally like making specific recommendations from afar since the likelihood of success is too low. We’re all unique with different needs and preferences so it’s hard to predict what will work for anyone. I’d suggest looking over TMU’s Trusted Members to see if there are any that offer products of interest or are located in your area. You should try to make a decision on what type of mattress you’re interested in to narrow your focus on selecting a particular seller, i.e. all latex, hybrid, other foams, etc.

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Bill (and anyone), is there a list of top mattresses for side sleepers here somewhere? I’m looking for medium, up to 1500 budget, and cooking feature. It seems hybrid is best for folks who want extra support with lower back/hip pain, would that be accurate?

I started with this list and have been researching.


I’m not aware of such a list, but maybe someone else is and can share it.

Hi ajc,

I would be very skeptical of any list purporting to show the ‘best mattresses’ for any category. Many of the online review sites have some amount of ‘bias’…like disguised paid for promotions which it can take a good bit of searching to find disclaimers for…as well as just one person or site’s opinions. Purchasing a mattress is highly subjective; in your case, you and someone of the same age ,build, BMI and sleep profile sleeping on the identically configured mattress can have very different opinions on its support and comfort. Any mattress you finally choose will be based on your Stats (height, BMI, sleeping position(s) and any underlying health conditions) and your PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences). First, you need to determine what type of mattress you find most compatible - there is no one type that’s ‘better’ or ‘worse’ for side sleepers.

You can see by comparing the Mattress Specifications You Need To Know to the Mattress Durability Guidelines, how certain materials last over time.

Some consumers enjoy memory foam, polyfoam or gel foam, some prefer latex. Hybrid, microcoil, all-latex…there are many permutations and different mattresses which may suit your needs and specific sleep profile. Once you have a ‘short list’, you can focus on determining the right firmness for the comfort and support layers. If possible, you might want to visit a few local showrooms to see how you feel on various mattress types, which can cut down on a lot of the ‘data overload’ you can feel with many of the big review sites; and if you are considering online ordering, you may want to take a look at the Trusted Members of the site, who agave quality sleep bc solutions, great customer support, transparency in their components and construction, and generous exchange and return policies. If you provide your Stats, PPP and mattress history and what you are trying to achieve, they can help you find options that can provide you with many years of comfortable sleep.

~ Basilio


Regardless of what you get….I would up your budget to at least $2500. With the $1500 mattress, you will likely make a mistake. Then you junk the $1500 mattress and go out and buy the $2500 mattress you wanted in the 1st place but now you have spent $4000.

Get the mattress you want the first time….it is cheaper in the long run.

I was just in an AirBnb for 3 days and it had a terrible mattress!!! For me, I would take out a loan to get the right mattress because good sleep is a necessity. Even if it is $8-10k!!!

And I am usually deadset against debt, but sometimes it is worth it.


It’s not free nor the most up-to-date but it’s at least trustworthy unlike the other 99% of “top 10 best” sites which are little more than paid ad space.

Thanks @lucyinthefknsky; though Consumer Reports is not quite the ‘unbiased’ arbiter of brands that they used to be, they are still a good deal better than the ‘paid promotion disguised as review’ sites that litter the internet these days!

~ Basilio

That is helpful to know, thanks!