Best website to order a natural latex mattress?


 I am interested in ordering a 100% natural latex mattress from an online store. However, I am weary about making an online purchase and want to make sure that i place my order with a reputable retailer.  If anyone has had a good experience with a particular store i would like to hear about it. 

These are some of the websites i have found so far:,, and

Thank You

Hi Antwon,

There is a list of the members here that sell online that I think highly of and recommend in post #21 here and many of these sell latex mattresses with many different styles and options.

I also think highly of Scott at Foam Sweet Foam (see post #4 here) and Brandon at SleepingOrganic (see post #2 here) and would include both of these in any list of good quality/value choices as well.

A forum search on plushbeds and on tranquility (you can just click both of these) will bring up more of my thoughts and comments about them and I wouldn’t put either of these in the same range in terms of quality, value, and service as the others I’ve mentioned or listed even though they may be “better than average” compared to most other mainstream choices.