Boyd Natural Flex Mattress Company product reviews?


I purchased the Tranquility’s 9" Serenity 100% Talaway mattress 2 years ago and with a 3 inch memory foam topper it is very comfortable. I am a side sleeper and need softness to relieve pressure points but need the support for my spine. I am very happy with my bed.

I am looking for another latex mattress for my guest room. I do not wish to spend as much as I did on the Tranquility mattress for a guest room, but since I will be sleeping in the guest room from time-to-time (my husband snores occasionally), I would like it to be comfortable.

I would like to receive any feedback on this Boyd Natural Flex latex bed that I found at the Military Exchange: Exchange | Military Discount - Tax Free Shopping I cannot seem to find the corresponding bed on the Boyd website in order to know what I am really looking at.

Any input would be greatly appreciated as to quality, construction, and reputation of Boyd products.

Thank you so much! :slight_smile: Laurie1041

Hi laurie1041,

Your links weren’t working so I edited your post to fix them :slight_smile:

The mattress at the military exchange doesn’t list the specific model so I don’t know which one it is or the details of the materials inside it. Based on the thickness (13") it could be this one or this one but of course I don’t know for certain and the description at the Military Exchange mentions wool in the cover which isn’t included in the description of either one on the Boyd site. To make a meaningful assessment of the mattress you would need to know the specific details of the materials inside it because this is much more important than the label on the mattress.

While some of the Boyd mattresses can represent good value … I would also be very careful because some of the Boyd descriptions are quite misleading. Their “engineered latex” in particular isn’t latex at all but polyfoam that has been made and fabricated to “feel” somewhat like latex but of course it is not close to the same quality or durability as latex itself. In the case of the 935 … there is only an inch of latex in the mattress.

Of course durability may not be as important a factor in a guest bedroom but knowing the details of the materials inside the mattress would still be an important part of making quality and value comparisons.